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Biden pledges to restore Norfolk Naval Shipyard funding in budget

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President Joe Biden announced this week that $2 billion diverted from the Pentagon by the previous administration for border wall construction has been restored, including more than $26 million to address safety issues at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Second District Congresswoman Elaine Luria issued the following statement on that news.

“I applaud the president’s decision to restore funding for needed upgrades at Norfolk Naval Shipyard and for prioritizing the safety of its employees. The work of our Navy personnel here in Hampton Roads is critical to our military success all over the world,” Luria said.

“While this funding will make a positive impact, we must continue to invest in our shipyards. I’m committed to passing the SHIPYARD Act (H.R. 2860), which would commit $25 billion under the Defense Production Act to improve Naval shipyard infrastructure across the country,” Luria said.

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