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Becoming a personal trainer takes a lot more rigorous training than just knowing about exercise. Many people don’t understand this, and even though there aren’t that many schools where you can actually get a personal training degree, many of them are extremely expensive. Well, that’s where The Hilltop Academy ( comes in, one of Canada’s leading personal fitness schools. They’re the only school in British Columbia that can give you an extensive 340-hour course so you can end up getting your personal training diploma, as well as become registered with the BCRPA and certification needed to become an ACE Personal Trainer.

What About Financial Assistance?

Just like any other accredited college, you can possibly qualify for student loans, and even use other forms of financial aid, such as grants, scholarships, and more. Even the worker’s compensation board itself can pay for your classes if it’s necessary to do so for your place of employment. Other funding options are available as well, and you can simply get ahold of the financial department and sign up for classes in order to find out more info.

You Said Extensive

Yes, we did. The course takes approximately 17 weeks. That’s longer than most courses, but Hilltop makes sure you know everything inside and out, from training regimes, all the way to medical emergency and first responder training (CPR, resuscitation methods, basic field medical training). They even teach you how you can become a good trainer for others of all age groups, including senior fitness training.

If You Don’t Pass Your Exam

This is one of the biggest stressors, but if you apply yourself to the fullest, then there is no reason to not pass your exams. However, unlike most colleges out there, Hilltop Academy is designated to making sure you pass, and if you don’t, then their comprehensive guarantee states that if you don’t pass your BCRPA Fitness Theory or personal trainer exam, they’ll completely pay for you to get it again so you can. That’s alone makes them one of the best course programs out there, and they give you better training than most other fitness colleges when it comes to program and classroom hours.

How Big Are the Classes?

Unlike some colleges where you have large classrooms of up to 100 students, Hilltop is dedicated to make sure that each class is separated into about 15-20 students. This helps to optimize your ability to learn as you get the most out of your professor’s time and knowledge.


Why not become a physical fitness trainer if you’re into fitness? Believe it or not, even though the school is in Canada, there are many people out there who take the course and then come right back down here in order to work for American gym’s, and furthermore become personal trainers for anyone and everyone. Imagine getting a full degree that will show the world that you have what it takes in order to teach even the strongest of men. That alone can get your foot in the door with a good career in your future!


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