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Everything about you is unique. Sure, we share some things in common with each other. We live, where we shop, what we watch on Netflix — but no one on planet earth is exactly like you. No one shares your specific combination of skin, hair, eyes, style, or vision. So why would you settle for beauty products designed for the masses?

You wouldn’t want an entire wardrobe that came pre-picked with cookie-cutter pieces that didn’t consider your style. So, there’s no reason to buy beauty products that way. It’s 2021, and there is no shortage of clean beauty brands to choose from.

There are responsible bespoke options for all your beauty needs, from makeup and skincare to shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. You are an individual, and you deserve individualized beauty and self-care. Let’s take a look at four beauty brands offering customizable bundles with products that are so good you’ll wish you had ordered them months ago.

#1 Wander Beauty

The ultimate in clean beauty, Wander offers bundles that feature pure, cruelty-free products that are always free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances. Their products include beauty tools, skincare, and makeup staples made from globally sourced ingredients that work with your skin.

Divya Gugnani and Lindsay Ellingson, the founders of Wander, are busy moms who set out to make products that multitask as hard as they do. So, not only can you design your full beauty bundle by choosing from the full-sized face, eye, lip, and cheek products, but each product is versatile in its own right. That means a customized beauty bundle from Wander allows you to do more with less.

#2 tarte – high-performance naturals

Another excellent beauty company that focuses on clean ingredients is tarte. This female-founded company uses a blend of naturally derived and other ingredients to create its makeup and skincare products.

For a custom eye look try Tarte’s “pop, drop & prowl eyeshadow bundle” that allows you to build your unique eyeshadow pallet. Choose from twenty-two different high-pigment shades to create a pallet that’s just right for you.

#3 Prose

If you’re looking for bespoke hair care, look no further than Prose. They make their shampoo and conditioner set different for every single customer. Founded in France and operated out of Brooklyn, Prose creates individualized shampoo and conditioner formulas based on your hair needs. Prose believes that “making things custom is the only way to give everyone their best individual results.”

Answer some questions about your lifestyle, your hair, and how you style it through Prose’s short automated consultation service. They’ll use the information you provide to create a personalized shampoo and conditioner formula that’s just right for your hair.

#4 Pacifica

Pacifica is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty company that prides itself on making products with compassion. Pacifica believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between products that work and good products for you and the environment.

The “Create Your Own At-Home Mani Kit” lets you choose three of your favorite colors from their twenty-one different Plant Magic polishes. These polishes are made from bio-sourced ingredients, with 80% of their formula originating from renewable vegetable biomass. Each polish is infused with mineral-rich bio-ceramics. For a genuinely made-to-order nail look, finish out your kit by adding a base coat and a bio-glitter or translucent topper of your choice.

Why would you settle for boring mass-produced drugstore beauty kits with harmful chemical additives with all these customizable choices? The simple answer is: you shouldn’t.  You should choose brands like these that let you customize your beauty routine by creating unique product bundles that suit your distinct needs, wants, and desires while caring for you and the planet.

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