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AARP Virginia issues scam alert: Public wi-fi scams

aarp virginiaAre you using  public wi-fi? Free wi-fi is a great convenience, but it can be risky.

Scammers can set up a wi-fi network with a name similar to the one you’re intending to use, hoping you’ll connect to it, or they can hijack your information between you and the wi-fi access point.

Do no more than checking the weather or browsing sports scores; otherwise, hackers can steal your passwords, see your email, or intercept financial transactions. Make sure your device isn’t set to connect to wi-fi automatically. When on public wi-fi, use your device’s data service or install a “virtual private network” (VPN) to protect yourself while using public wi-fi.

More info

Visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network at or call AARP Fraud Watch Helpline at 1-877-908-3360 and speak to a volunteer specially trained in spotting scams.


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