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6 gift ideas for the owners of different dog breeds

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Dog owners are the easiest people on the planet to shop for. Not only are animal lovers genuinely warm people, but the easiest way into their hearts is gift ideas centered around their four-legged pals. If you’ve been looking for an exciting gift for dog fanatics, we have a bunch of interesting options for you. While you could go with the usual chew toys, dog treats, blankets, and food and water bowls, how about trying something new that is sure to blow your friend’s mind. And, if you’re looking for some cute stuff as an excuse to splurge, you’re going to love these ideas suitable for all dog breeds. Ready to start?

1. Digitally illustrated portrait

Present the favorite dog lover in your life beautiful dog portraits that they can hang up in their homes. All you need is an adorable pic that you can quickly get from social media pages. Dog lovers are sure to post dozens and dozens of pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Choose one that appeals to you and upload it to the website taking your order. Expert artists convert the image into an illustration on gallery grade paper in a frame of your choice. You can also choose to have the pet’s name imprinted in stylish calligraphy. Hand deliver to see the look of pure joy when your friends open the gift. Or get the portrait delivered directly.

2. T-Shirts and hoodies with pet pictures

Nothing says “I love my dog” better than sporting a t-shirt or hoodie imprinted with the image of their best bud. You can order custom t-shirts that carry the pup’s picture on them. When you start to search, you will be delighted at the surprising array of printing ideas. For instance, you could choose a camera shot complete with the background setting or a stylish decal. Team it with a cute message along with your fur baby’s name in a selection of fonts to accompany the image. Or, get a print that dominates the entire front of the shirt.

3. Animal tarot cards

Here’s an exciting twist on the traditional tarot card deck – animal tarot cards carrying images of birds, felines, insects, owls, polar bears, and foxes. These creatures have special significance for mystics, and dreamers from across the world. Each of the 78 cards bears a unique meaning and symbolizes the mysteries of the universe. Since the deck is borderless and lightweight, it is easy to shuffle them for a reading and answer questions you may have.

4. Chemical-free shampoo

Choosing the right grooming products for your little buddy is essential to keep their coats nourished and looking healthy. Try this gift idea of a complete pack that includes shampoo, conditioner, and deodorizer infused with hemp oil extracts. Available in lavender, chamomile, and citrus, the products contain organic ingredients unlikely to cause irritation or allergic reactions even in the most sensitive dog skin types. And, that goes for breeds like Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Irish setters, and English setters known to have skin prone to skin reactions.

5. Make-your-own-treats kit

If your friend is always cooking up a storm, combine their love of culinary creation and canines with a dog treat kit. There are a variety of options on the market that include different mixes and tools. Cut cookie cutters or a variety of flavors could make this enjoyable project all the more fun for both owner and pet. You could even put together the kit yourself, using a dog treat recipe. Print out instructions for the gift recipient so they can easily finish putting together fresh snacks for their fuzzy friend.

6. Shammy quick drying towel

Bath time is a challenging task for any dog lover. By the time shampooing and conditioning is done, your fur baby is likely out of patience and anxious to be out of there. Use this shammy by slipping your hands into it and rubbing the little guy down thoroughly. Made out of super absorbent microfiber, the towel soaks up water quickly, leaving the fur instantly dry. We all know what happens if dogs are allowed to shake off excess moisture indoors, so avoid wet sprays all over the furniture. This neat tool is incredibly convenient for dogs with long hair like Akitas, American Eskimo Dog, Afghan Hound, and Belgian sheepdogs.

The next time you’re looking for a gift for a dog lover or just want to treat yourself, choose from these fun and exciting ideas.

7. Handmade dog earrings

If you have the necessary skills and you are artistically inclined, creating something yourself is the best gift to give. Do it yourself earrings are surprisingly easy to create with art resin epoxy and mica powder for coloring. You will need to create a cast and pour the epoxy resin mix after mixing it with the mica powder for the desired color. It is not for anybody, but there is no better and more thoughtful gift than one that is custom created with your own hands.

Story by Alex Simon

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