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6 cool things every lawyer should buy for their office

As a lawyer, you’re probably running around on your feet for 15 hours a day, trying to find angles, questions, answers, interviews, people, and whatever other area you’re stretched into.  However, to make each day just a touch easier and more manageable, here are 6 items you should definitely have in your office.

  1. Ergonomic Chair

Most lawyers understand and appreciate the fact that presentation and appearance is a pretty significant part of the battle. Project an air of confidence, speak with a note of intelligence, maintain a calm and confident demeanor, and you’re already steps ahead of the opponent. You want to seem well rested and hold yourself with the stature of a personal who knows what they’re doing.  You may not be well rested, and you may be tired and exhausted and stressed.  Ergonomic chairs are known for their ability to have a positive impact on your overall health and wellness, they increase productivity, and they decrease pain and discomfort.  If you’re feeling better, you’re going to perform better.   You probably spend hours at your desk, pouring over books, documents, paperwork, or scrolling through research on your computer, and it’s critical to take care of yourself as well. Invest in one of these, and within a week you’ll feel significantly invigorated.

  1. Pen Voice Recorder

You’re likely signing depositions, annotating testimony, taking notes on research, and keeping an updated calendar for meetings, so it’s highly unlikely you need to be told to have a pen in your office.  But you should have a recorder, so that you can record conversations that are important to document for verification and legitimacy purposes.  Maybe you’re pouring over a series of legal documents and need to remind yourself to check out some additional research on them, or maybe you’re just in a meeting and your co-counsel has reminded you of an important point.  Pen Voice Recorders record content with a quick click, so there’s no set up, scrolling, or app-opening needed.  It’s immediate and quick. Not to mention, with the same hand and one swift movement, you’re back writing in no time.

  1. Personalized, Letterhead Stationary

These might seem like a pretty minor element, but when you’re working to present yourself so that others take you seriously, sending emails or letters on clean, professional, and unique stationary identifying you, your education/position, and your office is going to further establish your commanding presence.  Small details like this make others sit up and take note of you and view you as a serious professional.  Don’t skimp on it either; it pays to hire a designer, someone who knows fonts and design and composition because the overall look shows your dedicated to details.  There are even plenty of online sellers who allow you to follow a template format, to plug in your information, and to order in bulk from there.

  1. Desk Scanners

It’s not always an option to keep important documents in digital format, but when you end up with boxes of documents, piles of forms, and folders filled with papers, your office is likely going to become overwhelming and far too burdensome of a place to work in. When you can, digitize the documents so you can keep your folders clearly organized and easy to find when you need them. Not to mention, it’s easier for sharing amongst the team.  Compact desk scanners take up minimal space on your desk, and while they only take one sheet, manually at a time, they’re great for an immediate upload of a document.

  1. Kool8 Water Bottle

Drinking water has some of the most important benefits of everything on this list.  It gives us energy.  It keeps us awake.  It helps promote our focus.  It keeps our body running more efficiently as a machine, and efficiency is crucial for you. The Kool8 water bottle holds enough water to let you drink as well as fill your coffee mug for that quick kick.  Keeping a bottle of this at your desk reminds you to stay hydrated throughout the day, and it helps you perform all your desks more successfully. If you’re looking for a more natural boost of energy, this bottle even has a tea dispenser located at the top for you to pop some tea in to help improve the water’s effect on you.

  1. Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map

By far the most exquisite item on the list, the Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map is a conversation starter with any of your current or future clients.  The concept is simple. Every user can go online and order a 18″x24″ star map that shows the stars exactly as they were on a specific date and location with a personalized message. The final product looks amazing, well-polished, and it’s guaranteed to have your clients ask about it. Some lawyers have reported buying a star map with the day they passed the bar, the day of their wedding or the day they became partners. Whatever the occasion is, this product looks uber modern, sleek and exquisite. It’s worth every penny for sure!

If you want people to take your seriously in the courtroom, it’s important you start taking yourself and to make your office more personalized and friendly today.

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