5 things you need to do after a car accident

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Over the years, there is a surge in the number of car accidents in the USA. The causes of car accidents may vary from situation to situation. However, the driver’s negligence, drink, and drive, driving at an uncontrollable speed are a few of the reasons behind road accidents. Reports suggest that as many as six million auto accidents are reported every year in the US alone. One in third results in injuries and personal damage to either the driver or passengers or both.  It is saddening that a substantial percentage of people also succumb to injuries. Other than the physical distress, numerous accident victims struggle with emotional and mental agony for days and even months on end.

More often than not, people are oblivious about their rights, and the things that one must do following a car accident. Be it a minor or a life-threatening accident, understanding your rights puts you in a better position to deal with the aftermath.

To make it easy for you, here is a detailed list of essentials that you must bear in mind after you or your close acquaintance has met with an accident:

Call the cops

Involving a law enforcement officer in accident cases makes things easier for you. A designated police officer will produce a police report based on the statements of witnesses, drivers, and passengers. In general circumstances, the report assists in filing the initial claim with the insurance firms. The officers allot a police report number which allows you or any other person associated with the case, to obtain the report as and when necessary. Non-disclosure of vital facts may throw the ball in the court of the defender. Therefore, submit a statement that is true, unbiased, and personal.

Seek immediate medical attention

Dial the emergency service contact after you have experienced the unexpected. The injuries could be external or internal. The latter is more fatal than the former because most of the time, the victim is not aware of the wounds which give rise to bigger problems in the future. So, whether it is merely property damage or otherwise, consult a medical practiser and allow him to examine your physical body for immediate treatment. If you are not comfortable with a new doctor, feel free to get an opinion from your family doctors.

Inform the insurance company

It is essential to send an intimation about the car damage or physical damage incurred post a car accident to the insurance companies. After the receipt of the accident details, the company shall proceed with the claim and provide you compensation taking into account the intensity of the damage, and other related aspects. You must not squander time in bringing the accident to the notice of the insurer. To claim a sum of suitable compensation, your claim application must be backed up by important documents such as medical bills, pictures of the damaged vehicle, doctor’s reports, etc. Insurance companies like root insurance have streamlined their modus operandi for the ease of their clients. To get started with them, all you have to do is download their mobile application. Interestingly, it uses the performance of a driver as a parameter to quote a car insurance policy. Many skilled drivers have saved a great deal of money, thanks to this unique concept of Root. You also have a choice to customize your policy as per your needs. Check out the review post by Quoteyeti if you are keen to learn more about Root Car Insurance.

Keep a record of evidence and related information

To prove that the damage was done to your vehicle or you or your family members, you must have a record of evidence. This will include claim number, police report number, names and addresses of people who are directly or indirectly involved, medical expenses, and photos from the accident site, and mobile captures of the accident vehicle.

Get an auto accident attorney on board

It is essential to prioritize your health at the time of an accident and involve a law proficient in taking things further on your behalf.   Be it obtaining monetary compensation or guiding you in the legal proceedings, an auto car accident attorney does it all single-handedly. Before you approach your insurance firm, make sure that you have taken legal advice from an expert. In usual scenarios, these professionals aid in insurance as well as settlement matters. They work keeping in mind the best interests of their clients.

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