4 signs you need to have your dress professionally altered

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Everyone has had that moment: The clothes are fitting right, but you are in a rush, so you tuck a little in here and pin a little up there. While this may help for your average day when you are in a bind, special occasions call for things to fit properly, a task that only a professional can ensure gets completed. Though obvious signs, like a loose fit, point to clothing not fitting right, a plethora of other warnings exist that punctuate the importance of getting your garment professionally altered. Among the most prominent pieces of attire to make sure fit properly is a wedding dress, so knowing the signs that it just does not sit right can only benefit your alteration process.

First things first: It does not fit at all

Chances are, your wedding dress will not fit right the first time that you try it on. However and on the slim chance that you find a gown in your size, you will still be able to notice if you are either swimming in it or struggling to breathe, meaning that it needs to be taken in or out. Other ways to tell that your gown is not fitting your shape is to know your attributes. Are your curves being hidden or too accentuated? Is your belly button outlined and visibly protruding? Of course, being comfortable or not is the biggest telltale sign of a properly or ill fitted dress.

How does it feel walking around?

Strutting about the room is a sure-fire way to tell if your dress is where it needs to be. Are you stepping all over it? Does it swing too much when you walk? Do you find yourself barely being able to spread your legs to take a step? Whatever you are noticing, it is crucial to let your seamstress know so that they can make the appropriate alterations.

It is the little things

Even if you have already had two fittings, you may still notice factors that you are not pleased with. Perhaps a strap keeps falling off of your shoulder or a zipper is poking you in the back causing irritation. Maybe you feel as if your bust is not being supported enough, too. All of these setbacks illustrate the importance of having your dress professionally altered and that no detail is too small when it comes to the overall process. Additionally, bringing these issues to light can ensure that your fitting process stays on your designated timeline and may even have you avoiding more appointments altogether.

Your accessories are stealing the show or disappearing altogether

Most brides don accessories, including veils, garters, and shoes. Not realizing that a dress is meant to fit around these extras, brides forget to bring them to alteration appointments. If you notice that your veil is swallowing your dress or that your six-inch heels have caused your floor length gown to become a tea length dress, it is time to get your outfit refitted. Other indications of a poor fit include the outline of your undergarments being noticeable when you are wearing your dress as well.

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