4 goodbye party ideas your friends will love

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Saying “goodbye” to friends who are moving away is hard. And although you promise to keep in touch and call or text regularly, life catches up somewhere along the line. Celebrate your last moments with a lovely party where you’ll exchange mementos and tokens of your friendship. Take lots of pictures and put together a shared online album so that you can look back at the happy times you spent together. If you’ve been wondering what would be the perfect gifts for them, here’s a quick list to take your pick.

Let’s begin with mementos

Having to give up a beloved home is the hardest thing anyone may have to do. A house is more than just a building; it has memories of kids growing up, pets playing, or perhaps, the first moments a newly-wed couple spend together. Each room signifies the hopes and dreams of the people living in it and the challenges they faced and overcame. Your friends will likely take lots of pictures to cherish the place.

How about gifting them hand-illustrated house portraits? You can commission these paintings online by uploading a picture. The artists will create a beautiful piece of artwork on museum-grade paper and deliver it to your doorstep. If you don’t have a good image, contact your friend’s realtor. They’re sure to have a professional picture that is a perfect likeness.

Care package for settling in the new place

In the bustle of moving, packing, and dealing with millions of small and large tasks, people tend to overlook the basics. The worst thing about arriving in your new home is forgetting about essential items like toilet paper, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning supplies. That’s where your care package comes in. You could also consider throwing in a few disposable plates, cutlery, and paper napkins for the takeout they’ll order before the kitchen is set up and ready for cooking. A few packs of dry snacks to keep the kids busy and fed are very welcome.

Meal prep kits delivery

When your friends are unpacking and settling in, finding the time and energy to go shopping for groceries can present a huge challenge. Search online, and you’ll come across several websites that send meal prep kits. Subscribe to one of them and send your friends packages containing all the ingredients needed to cook a meal. Each element is prepped and packaged separately in carefully measured portions ready for cooking. You can also choose from companies integrating sustainable practices. They’ll come by to collect the boxes later to minimize waste.

Gift cards for local stores

Moving is expensive, and it’s not uncommon for people to run low on cash when settling in. An excellent gift option would be coupons and gift cards for local stores that your friends can use to buy the essentials they need. Think Walmart, Target, hardware stores, or even a subscription to Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, or Aldi.

Show your friends you care by gifting them mementos and practical gifts that they’re sure to find helpful when settling into their new home.

Story by Alex Simon

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