3 mistakes to avoid in website’s meta tags for SEO

e-commerceWe know that, and people who haven’t come to know in the recent past, they are somehow looking to find the clues, because they need to know what’s going on with their SEO Strategies. Let me tell you some horrifying things; it might get little scary if you didn’t plan on changing your formal Old & traditional Black Hat SEO Strategy. Google has been one of the top search engines and being used as a top search engine in the world, you need quite similar tips and tricks to target the audience and readership from all search engines, but it depends on the particular search engine that how it handles your website and content.

Meta Tags and SEO – Meta tags’ is the combination of few internal tags attached to any website or particular webpage which describes and reveals the information about the page or website to signal search engines. I would like to mention 3 Craziest Mistakes to some new bloggers and webmasters who don’t know much about SEO and especially about latest SEO trends.

Mistake 1 – Same Title, Description, and Keywords

Getting your all pages or posts Meta information same? If you are on PHP or HTML, and you don’t know Web development quite well, or you don’t know anything about it, and creating a new page by copying an HTML or PHP page from older one to make a new one, make sure you also update the Meta title, description, and keywords on the new page.

While using Content Management System like WordPress, it’s quite easy and manageable to maintain your Meta title, description, and keywords. Plugins like All-in-one-SEO and SEO by Yoast turn Title, Description and Keywords things quite easy in WordPress.

Mistake 2 – Spammy and Irrelevant Meta tags details

If you start using spamming Title, Description, and Keywords details on your website or post – Quality, uniqueness, and positivity will always work. Stay focused, stay to the point and deliver only what is necessary without any spamming appearance or injection intentionally or unintentionally. Find any SEO agency Sydney who must be expert in what you are doing.

Mistake 3 – Long Meta tags information

Some new bloggers and webmasters think that they should use long meta tags information to grab more and more traffic for their websites and blogs – Actually it isn’t a good idea to get the traffic, in fact, it’s worst case scenario, what you are doing is, you are confusing search engines about your website’s content type – Search engines won’t be clearly figured out about your content and website type, in order to give you more appropriate and targeted visitor, which will ultimately hurt your mission.

Be positive, clear and describe your Title, Description, and Keywords with the precise and clear approach.

Well, the time has gone when you pay someone to generate unusual hundreds of links to your website, and you get high ranking in the search engines against your desired keywords or somehow for various keywords. Search Engines are getting intelligent, and you need to read the situation if you didn’t plan to skip old traditional SEO tricks.


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