Stressed out on the job? Consider these four ways to unwind your workplace


economic-forecast-headerLet’s be honest: work isn’t always fun and games.

However, that doesn’t mean that office life should always be a drag.

Looking at some of the common causes of workplace stress, it’s easy to see exactly why many of today’s workers are having a tough time. For starters:

  • Disconnection from fellow employees leading to a sense of isolation, or even worse: workplace drama
  • High expectations for performance with little or no sense of gratitude from higher-ups
  • The repetition of tasks and duties can make days, weeks and even months run together, leaving employees with little to nothing to look forward to

Workplace stress is a serious matter, potentially leading to employee burnout and lower performance on the job.

Rather than allowing your team to run themselves ragged, consider some creative ways to unwind your workplace. Whether you’re an office leader or want to pitch something new to HR, any combination of the following four ideas can be implemented in just about any office space.


Throw the Occasional Party

Parties are just for kids, right?


The benefits of throwing the occasional party alongside your colleagues has numerous benefits, including:

  • Giving everyone in the office something to look forward
  • Opportunities for workers to socialize and talk about something other than work
  • Create a “team” mentality amongst your coworkers, allowing everyone input and opportunity to get involved in the planning process

Throwing a party doesn’t have to involve a bunch of work or wasted time either. Consider throwing a potluck as a means of cutting down on food costs as everyone is only responsible for their own dishes.

Don’t just throw the same old party over and over, either: experiment with different themes and decorations. Perhaps consider ideas for a nautical themed party or something else “fun” that completely throws off the suit-and-tie vibe of the office.


Get Out of the Office

Beyond parties, you can also give workers a break by finding excuses to get out of the office. For example, you could do a weekly working lunch at a local cafe or restaurant. Sometimes all it takes for some increased productivity is a change of scenery; likewise, getting out of the office doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal.


Give Out Weekly Freebies

While traditional “employee of the month” awards are outdated, you should still explore ways to reward colleagues for a job well done.

Something as a simple “thank you” email to the office coupled with a $10 Starbucks gift card could mean the world of difference to someone who feels unappreciated. Don’t necessarily use such gifts as incentive or competition, but rather as a means of expressing gratitude.


Loosen Your Tie

Although “casual Friday” is a classic office cliche, you should consider a weekly “reward” day that allows workers to relax in some way, shape or form. For example, every Friday you could bring in donuts, allow a more lax dress code or play music in the office. The seemingly smallest, most simple perks can serve as stress relievers at the end of a busy week.

It only takes a few simple steps to improve the climate of just about any office environment. By focusing on the positives and giving workers something to look forward to, you create an office workplace that employees are truly pleased to be a part of.

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