How would current, former UVA coaches do on sports radio?

virginia uvaPete Gillen’s magnificent performance as Tiki Barber’s co-host on CBS Sports Radio this week – OK, I’m probably the only person who cares, but anyway, I’m writing this – got me to thinking about how other current and former UVA coaches might fare in a similar role.

Bronco Mendenhall

Would not do well in sports radio. Put him on NRP or a TED talk, and dude would rack up, though.

Mike London

A Mike London radio show would start out with a lot of promise, but a lack of focus as to the direction would become readily apparent in short order, and the show would end up getting stuck in a 5 a.m. Saturday time slot as it played out its string.

Al Groh-Dave Leitao

This is show business gold right here. Put these two guys together, lock the booth, and let them go at it. The secret sauce would have to include a patsy in the form of a co-host with a background as a beat writer that Al and Dave could take turns browbeating. (I am not volunteering to be that guy.)

Brian O’Connor

I see BOC thriving as the pronouncer at the National Spelling Bee. Hopefully in the distant, distant future. (The Bee is held Memorial Day week. Oak will have the ‘Hoos playing in the NCAA Tournament next year and into the future.)

George Welsh

I think it’s a shame we don’t hear much from George these days. His inability to tolerate nonsense would play well in the sports-radio format.

Tony Bennett

CTB is not going anywhere! Stop saying that he is! I’m serious! I will punch you in the face! Sorry for that. I have an inability to process any thought of Tony doing anything else, is all. This column is over. I need something to drink now.

Column by Chris Graham

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