Christopher Keating: Response to climate change op-ed

letter-to-the-editor3It is with great interest that I see I have become one of Christopher Monckton’s targets and that he has posted editorials attacking me, including one in this paper.

Mr. Monckton begins his editorial by calling me “the lavishly taxpayer-funded Christopher Keating” while referring to Tom Harris and Tim Ball as “my scarcely-funded friends.” Unless Monckton is referring to my military retirement benefits, I don’t receive any funds from the taxpayers at all. But, how would Monckton know that? And, that is precisely the point – he doesn’t. And, more to the point, he doesn’t care. Monckton doesn’t just cherry pick his facts, he makes them up.

For instance, he claims he was an “expert reviewer” for the latest IPCC report. The truth is, Monckton registered on a webpage open to everyone. There was no appointment and he was not an ‘expert’ anymore than the next person walking down the street. So, why did he say that? To mislead the reader into believing he is something he isn’t – credible. And that is the key part of his strategy because his deceptions only work if you think he’s credible.

But, he isn’t. You can read about it here:

As another example, he continually states he is a member of the House of Lords. In fact, not only is he not a member, but he has been repeatedly told by Parliament to stop making this claim. You can see the letter to Monckton on Parliament’s webpage:

I could go on all day long about his lack of credibility. But, I don’t need to because it has already been done. Check out this posting about him as well as his “scarcely-funded friends,” Tom Harris and Tim Ball:

For a fact checking of his claims in his letter to this paper, read this posting here:

And, read about his threatened libel suit against me here:

Dr. Christopher Keating is a professor of physics and does research in climate change and planetary geophysics. He is the author of two books on climate change and writes the blog Dialogues on Global Warming. He also issued the $10,000 Global Warming Skeptic Challenge which ran through July 2014.




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