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Chris Graham

Chris Graham, the editor of AugustaFreePress.com, will mark his 22nd year in the media industry in 2017. An award-winning journalist and editor, Chris has also hosted local TV news programs, a syndicated sports talk show and worked as a commentator on ESPN3 college baseball broadcasts.

A 1994 graduate of the University of Virginia, Chris is the editor of AugustaFreePress.com, a daily news source based in Waynesboro, Va., that provides readers with in-depth coverage of news, sports, politics and culture in Virginia.

With a degree in political science from UVA, Chris has covered Virginia politics actively since 1997, conducting interviews with governors George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Bob McDonnell and Terry McAuliffe, and political newsmakers including former Congressman Tom Perriello, UVA political-science professor Larry Sabato, ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

Other notable interview subjects have included author John Grisham, ESPN TV personality Dick Vitale, sportswriter and author John Feinstein, Weather Channel anchor Stephanie Abrams and musician Bruce Hornsby.

An author of five books, Chris also co-wrote a book on the history of University of Virginia basketball, Mad About U: Four Decades of Basketball at University Hall, which was published in 2006.

Chris has covered University of Virginia sports since 1995, and is a credentialed member of the press box and press row at UVA football, basketball and baseball games, covering the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA Tournament and Virginia’s run to the Sweet Sixteen at Madison Square Garden in 2014, and also covering the UVA baseball team in the ACC Baseball Championship, Regionals and Super Regionals.

From 2009-2014, Chris was the play-by-play voice of the Waynesboro Generals, a team competing in the Valley Baseball League, a premier college summer baseball league affiliated with Major League Baseball and the NCAA.

Chris is currently in his second season as a color commentator for ESPN3 broadcasts of VMI college baseball games, and has served as the radio play-by-play voice for VMI football for the past two seasons, in 2015 and 2016.

The former co-host of “ACC Nation,” a syndicated radio show that ran for four years, ending in 2007, Chris is currently a contributor to “The Mark Moses Show” on 95.9-The Fan in Melbourne, Fla., and “Country Club” with host Kris Neil on WKDW-900AM in Staunton, Va.

Chris also served as a member of the creative team and on-air TV commentator for Awesome Wrestling Entertainment on AWE’s Night of the Legends live pay-per-view event in 2011, and is involved again with the company in a creative capacity as it makes its return to the wrestling business in 2017.

He is also the former co-host of “Viewpoints” on WVPT, a weekly news affairs TV show that aired from 2016-2017.

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AFP Editor Chris Graham: Columns, Podcasts
acc football

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: 2017 ACC Football Kickoff Preview

- Chris Graham previews the 2017 ACC Football Kickoff, which is just two weeks away, with fall practice looming.
tim kaine

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Interview with Tim Kaine

- AFP editor Chris Graham interviews U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, the 2016 Democratic Party vice presidential nominee.
mark warner

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Interview with Mark Warner

- AFP editor Chris Graham interviews U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
ricky morton

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton

- Chris Graham interviews newly minted WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of the Rock 'n' Roll Express.
chri graham acc basketball

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Disappointing end to UVA sports year

- The UVA baseball loss in Fort Worth ended a disappointing sports year for Cavs fans. Chris Graham reviews.


Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: The state of the NBA

- Chris Graham discusses the state of the NBA with Golden State on the verge of winning its second title in three years.

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: What did we learn on Comey, Trump, Russia?

- Chris Graham offers commentary on the explosive James Comey Senate Intelligence Committee testimony.

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Is Hillary Clinton right?

- Chris Graham examines Hillary Clinton's critiques of the DNC and the bigger problems facing Democrats in the current political climate.


uva basketball

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Why no love for UVA basketball?

- Chris Graham examines the curious downgrading of UVA basketball in recent looks ahead at the 2017-2018 season.
wilson fairchild

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Wilson Fairchild

- Chris Graham talks with Wilson Fairchild, Wil and Langdon Reid, about their upcoming appearance at the Grand Ol' Opry and their new radio show.
uva baseball

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Did UVA baseball get screwed?

- Did UVA baseball get screwed by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee? Chris Graham tries to give the committee the benefit of the doubt, but ...
salvation army

Salvation Army raises money for social services with music event

- A near-capacity crowd at the Wayne Theatre helped ring in a new Salvation Army of Waynesboro fundraiser Tuesday night.
wilson fairchild

Back to their roots: Wilson Fairchild headlining July 4

- Remember when Staunton’s population was around 100,000? Wil and Langdon Reid of Wilson Fairchild do.
ricky morton

Dancing into the night: Ricky Morton recaps WWE Hall of Fame career

- Ricky Morton might have thought the phone call was never going to come. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in the WWE Hall of Fame? That day had passed.
chris graham uva basketball

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Pollen Season Stinks!

- Chris Graham, like millions of you out there, is struggling through the onset of pollen season. That, plus a preview of ESPN3 coverage of VMI baseball and more Trump talk, highlights today's podcast.
donald trump

Putin’s epic Trump troll

- How about that epic troll today? Gotta give it to that Vladimir Putin. Dude has President Trump over a barrel. Again.
democrats republicans

Does it even matter who Democrats nominate to run for Virginia governor?

- Let’s assume a Democrat is elected governor of Virginia in November. What can Ralph Northam or Tom Perriello actually achieve in the next four years?
chris graham

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Underwhelmed

- Chris Graham talks about his pending endorsement in the 2017 Democratic Party governor's race, Trump and Russia, and VMI baseball.

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Who Will Stop the Rain?

- Chris Graham talks in The Weekender about his upcoming ESPN3 appearance, Xanadu at the Wayne, more Trump, and a book on pro wrestling that is tentatively set for release in September.
chris graham

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Trump, Comey, ‘Seinfeld’

- Remember when Elaine wanted to fire the J. Peterman auditor, and couldn't? The rules of 'Seinfeld' are more strenuous than those of our constitutional system, Chris Graham reports to us, in today's episode of Street Knowledge.
donald trump

Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt on Comey

- Playing devil’s advocate, is it possible that President Trump didn’t just clumsily admit to something in his move to fire FBI Director James Comey?
chris graham marathon

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Running Man

- So much going on in the world around us, and Chris Graham wants to talk about ... none of it. Instead, we talk weight loss, diet, nutrition and running. And what a beautiful day it was today in Virginia. The important stuff.
chri graham acc basketball

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: The Yin and the Yang

- The NBA needs the bipolarity of the Cavs and Warriors, opines Chris Graham in today's Street Knowledge, which also covers his weekend on ESPN, the Night of the Superstars, MLB and a dash of politics.
chris graham uva basketball

Street Knowledge: The Weekender Edition

- The debut of the Weekender edition of Street Knowledge. Chris Graham talks up the premiere of Xanadu: The Musical, at the Wayne Theatre, the Night of the Superstars wrestling benefit show at Waynesboro High School, and his weekend schedule on ESPN3 calling VMI baseball.
awe night of the superstars

Video: Chris Graham previews Night of the Superstars

- AFP editor Chris Graham previews Saturday's Night of the Superstars, a wrestling show at Waynesboro High School benefiting the UVA Children's Hospital.
vmi baseball

Game Notes: VMI baseball plays host to UNCG this weekend

- VMI baseball will return to action Friday, when the Keydets open a three-game series against the Spartans of UNCG at Gray-Minor Stadium.

ACC Network: Dream, or pipe dream?

- Is an actual ACC Network ever going to happen? It’s a fair question in light of last week’s industry-shaking layoffs at ESPN.
billy corgan

Does Billy Corgan get anything from buying the NWA name?

- Is there any value to the National Wrestling Alliance that Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is reportedly set on purchasing?
awe night of the superstars

Podcast: Chris Graham, Doug Ward promote Night of the Superstars on ESPN-1360

- AWE founder Doug Ward and AFP editor Chris Graham talk up the May 6 Night of the Superstars on ESPN-1360.

House of Horrors: WWE blows big spot on megashow

- The verdict is on the WWE House of Horrors match pitting Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt: meh.
antoine scott

Podcast: Antoine Scott talks life in comedy

- Chris Graham interviews Richmond-based comedian Antoine Scott, who is headlining the Mother's Day Weekend Bash.
the 3 redneck tenors

Podcast: Interview with Matthew Lord of the 3 Redneck Tenors

- The 3 Redneck Tenors started as a way around a community theater not having enough money to do a benefit.
awe night of the superstars

Video: Crew breaks down AWE Night of the Superstars

- Chris Graham and Doug Ward break down the card for the May 6 Awesome Wrestling Entertainment Night of the Superstars.
awe night of the superstars

Radio spot promoting AWE Night of the Superstars

- New radio spot promoting AWE Night of the Superstars: Benefit for UVA Children's Hospital! Saturday, May 6, at Waynesboro High School.
adam haseley

UVA Baseball Notebook: Where is Adam Haseley more valuable to ‘Hoos?

- Adam Haseley the everyday player has a UVA team-best 12 homers, .396/.495/.689 slash line and 52 runs scored.
bryce harper

Nationals Report: Bryce Harper is back

- The Bryce Harper of 2016 hit .243. The Harper of 2017 is looking, and yes, it’s early, like the 2015 NL MVP.

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Interview with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner

- Chris Graham shares a recent interview with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner on this week's Street Knowledge podcast.
mark warner

Talking Russia, Syria, cyber warfare with Mark Warner

- Is there more to the investigation into Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 election than what meets the eye? Mark Warner seems to think so.