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Youngkin names Crenshaw, Gade to veterans service posts

Glenn Youngkin
Glenn Youngkin. Photo: Twitter

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin has chosen Craig Crenshaw as the next Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs of Virginia and Dan Gade as the commissioner of the Department of Veterans Services.

“Craig and Dan share my vision for making Virginia the best place for our military heroes to pursue the next chapter of their lives,” said Youngkin, who takes office on Jan. 15. They are dedicated to caring for our veterans, championing their concerns, connecting them with resources, getting them the proper care, and reducing barriers on their capital and employment opportunities. They share my commitment to ensure Virginia is competing with neighboring states when it comes to veterans benefits and tax treatment. Their skillset and experience will be crucial in making sure all of our veterans transition from military service into the civilian community smoothly and on Day 1 we will get to work to make Virginia the best place for our veterans to stay, work, and retire.”

Crenshaw has more than 30 years of leading robust logistics products and services across a global network. Currently, he serves as the president of Claxton Logistics Services. He spent many years in leadership roles in the United States Marine Corps and retired as a major general.

He served as the senior executive of logistics and supply chain management, and prior to that he was the director of manpower management and commanding general and the director of logistics plans and policy for the United States Marine Corps.

Gade was injured while serving in Iraq in 2005, and the severity of his injuries led to the amputation of his right leg. He then made it his mission to bring awareness to veteran issues across the country. After retiring from the U.S. Army as a lieutenant colonel, he co-founded The Independence Project, which helps veterans provide for themselves, their family, and bring awareness to the issues facing veterans.

Gade worked at the White House and taught at West Point for six years before retiring from the Army in 2017 after 20 years of service. In his most recent role, he was a senior advisor to the Secretary of Labor in the Veterans Employment and Training Service.

Gade ran for United States Senate in 2020 and works as a professor at American University.

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