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Youngkin goes far, far right with education picks

glenn youngkinToday’s reminder that elections matter comes in the form of the latest nominations from Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin, who is pushing Jillian Balow as the next superintendent of public instruction, and Elizabeth Schultz as the next assistant superintendent of public instruction.

Balow stepped down today after serving seven years as Wyoming’s elected state superintendent of public instruction.

She said as she announced her move to local media in Wyoming that among her priorities in Virginia will be eliminating political ideology from the classrooms. Critical race theory and a push for educational transparency have been on the forefront of Balow’s strategies in Wyoming.

Oh, dear.

Here we go.

Schulz, as a member of the Fairfax County School Board, voted in 2015 against the inclusion of gender identity in the Fairfax County School District’s nondiscrimination policy, and came under fire for appearing on a panel with the far right Family Research Council to speak on a panel titled “Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back.”

“Jillian and Elizabeth are going to be crucial in helping Secretary of Education Aimee Guidera restore excellence in education. Under my direction, they will get to work on ensuring our schools remain safely open, ban critical race theory and political agendas from our classrooms, and rebuild our crumbling schools,” Youngkin said.

All this, because Terry McAuliffe was too moderate for some of y’all to hold your noses and vote for him anyway.

The next four years are going to undo the last eight.

Story by Chris Graham

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