You need to include prenuptial agreement in your marriage plan?

A prenuptial agreement, commonly known as prenup is a document signed by two individuals before they get married. In some places, it is termed as antenuptial or premarital agreement. In earlier century, prenup was usually for rich and royal people to protect the asset of the wealthy fiancé. However, as years went by to-be married couple felt the need to have the agreement arranged by their lawyers to prevent any complications if unfortunately, the married couple prefer to lead separate life.

Who are the couples most inclined to have the prenuptial agreement?

  • The soon to be married partners are rich.
  • If one partner is wealthier than the other.
  • Couples who have married multiple times.
  • Couples having children from their previous marriage.

A premarital agreement plays a vital role in solving any obstacles during a divorce or post divorce phase. Couple who are planning to be married in Columbus just needs to consult the best Columbus prenup attorney to prepare the prenuptial documents with their consent.

Why premarital agreement is important when the marriage is arranged?

  • Couples can decide after divorce: The best part of having the agreement beforehand is that if the married couple decides to lead separate lives, they will be deciding the matters regarding it after the divorce instead of agreeing to the decision of State court where their divorce case is filed.
  • To clarify financial rights in case they file for divorce: It is one of the main reasons as in divorce proceedings financial obligations mess up the whole proceedings. In prenuptial agreement the alimony amount, property distributing settlement and financial payments are mentioned. When the couple finalizes to separate, the financial preplan agreement is activated in accordance to the law of the state. The finance matters planned ahead of marriage helps in disposal of assets if unluckily partner dies or they both break the marital bonds.
  • Pre-arrange the financial aspect in their living together as a married couple: Often money matter plays a crucial role in success of the marriage. The finance issues get cleared by the engaged couple’s mutual consent before their marriage life begins. This gesture aids in avoiding any stress due to money management while the couple stays married. It even helps in securing oneself by not paying large debts of the other partner after marriage.
  • It is best to note the investments and shares in the agreement of marriage: If you own a business, it is best to state the role of your to be married partner in the business arena. After marriage if your spouse has shares in the business then it can lead to complications while divorcing.
  • Role of custodian parent and non-custodian parent: If unfavorably marriage fails while the couple has children, often there are issues of the right way to upbringing the kids without spoiling their future. In the agreement, it is mentioned the role of both the parents if in future they want to end their marriage.

To know more about prenuptial agreement, log on to websites of attorney specialized in divorce affairs in the state of Columbus.


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