Why is Proton X70 the best SUV of 2020?

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If you’ve been very conversant with the car news world, then you’d have noticed that a lot of news and reviews about the Proton X70 has been making the rounds lately. But why the sudden buzz around Proton’s newest release? Some may quip! Well, on the one hand, it is Proton’s very first SUV. And on the other hand, this premium SUV design boasts some of the very best features we’ve been expecting to find in SUVs for years. With the introduction of the X70, there is no arguing that Proton has clicked all the right buttons, and as a result, prospective buyers are definitely in for a great ride.

Proton has done a pretty great job with the introduction of the X70, and the same is evident from the advanced tech on offer. In this light, we’ll be discussing some of the many mind-blowing features of the X70, including its safety features, comfort, segment, design, and even performance. So, if you’ve heard about the X70 before now but you weren’t sure whether or not to invest your in an SUV, then I guess this should be a perfect read for you. So, let’s ride, shall we?

X70 is redefining SUV styling – In and Out

Prior to the introduction of Proton X70, there was a general consensus about the similar looks of SUVs – be it from Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, or Honda. But with the introduction of this latest design from Proton, it is safe to say that the game is starting to change. With the exquisite designs, one can confidently say that the X70 is a slick, elegant, and well-groomed compact SUV that has been designed to excite buyers right from the showroom floor down to your apartment. Through its partnership deal with Chinese brand Boyue, Proton was able to build the X70 upon the Geely Boyue platform. Thus, the Proton X70 SUV draws its design inspiration from the Boyue. On the exterior are the LED headlamps with daytime running lights that offer increased illumination and visibility, three-slate sectioned grille, and stylish foglamp casing. But on the side is where the true ruggedness lies. With its 18-inch alloy wheels, the X70 boasts a considerably enhanced road presence and a great ability to withstand virtually any road condition. Staring at X70 from its rear angle, one cannot help but notice its stunning rear features, which include LED combination lamps and diffuser with dual exhaust outlets.

While the exterior screams of utter beauty and brilliance, the interior is nothing shy of complete elegance and luxury. The entire interior cabin possesses a visual appeal that is equally plush and premium. Although each variant comes with different high-grade interior materials, they all feature a soft-touch surface with silver highlights, LCD meter with an advanced design, and HD display. The premium AWD trim features a panoramic sunroof and powered front seats wrapped in Nappa leather.

Proton X70: a definition of connectivity and features-packed

In its 25-years lifespan, never ever has Proton come out with a car as feature-loaded as the X70. Included in its list of mind-blowing features is a voice-command system that gets activated each time you say the phrase “Hi Proton.” What a way to incorporate AI with our vehicles! And guess what; the voice command feature has been so intriguing and widely accepted, so much so that it has been the X70 advert theme of many blogs, including WapCar.my since its introduction. Additionally, the X70 allows you to control features such as air-con, navigation, and even the embedded 8-inch touchscreen system. But that’s not even all; with its specially designed app, owners can check, control, and take charge of their vehicle anytime, anywhere. And lest I forget, this compact SUV also comes with an entertainment-packed audio system. With its nine speakers, power amplifier, subwoofers, and six USB ports, your musical life just got better. Also included is an automatic dual-zone air conditioning with individual temperature preference, and air purifier system. Oh, and by the way, the “Hi Proton” feature is surely going to fascinate your little kids.


Unlike regular SUVS, Proton presents its newest release with the thought of family in mind. There is ample space in the rear to take up to five, ISOFIX points for two child seats, along with an adult space in the middle. At the front are two electric seats, with the front passenger seat enabled with electric buttons on its right-hand side for the rear passenger to move the seat. This feature is great if you’re chauffeur-driven, and don’t have fidgety kids in the rear.

Awesome Proton X70 drive effect

If you’re looking for a car that lets you skip the road noise, avoid the buzzing of the outside, and focus more on your driving or infotainment, then there is nothing better than Proton’s X70. Around those badly-maintained and noisy roads, this X70 rides so well, giving you the comfort you desire. Additionally, the suspension set up is a good deal more sophisticated than the rather rudimentary configurations found on some regular compact SUVs. It uses dampers with the “right” dampling to tackle the challenge of excessive body-roll, especially when turning in corners, while its accurate power-steering system delivers sharp steering responses for drivers. Also, you should find its 1.8-liter turbocharged petrol engine more than adequate.


With this latest introduction, Proton has not only come to remind us why it was one of the cars to be reckoned with back in the 1990s but also to remind us that buying a modern compact SUV doesn’t have to be an expensive act.

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