What’s the difference between a quilt and a blanket?

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Cold weather outside always motivates many people to look for new bed linen sets and especially cozy coverlets. Usually, most people call any coverlid a blanket and do not specify whether it is a real blanket, a quilt, a duvet, or some other type. However, the difference between coverlet types can confuse you when you search for an ideal option for wintertime. So, it would be helpful to find more about quilted coverlet sets and blankets.


Quilt covers consist of three layers of fabric. They look like a sandwich: between two layers (top and down), there is a stuffing (also known as batting, filling, or wadding).

External layers are usually made of cotton pieces of fabric that are sewn together in various patterns and designs. The middle part can be made of wool, floss, polyester, or cotton. This material should keep warm and be thin at the same time.

The variety of quilts today is great. You can choose color, pattern, filling, and style, as well as some additions like embroidery or other decorations.


A classic blanket is a rectangular piece of fabric used as a cover. It saves warmth and makes your sleep comfortable. As a material for a blanket can be used wool, cotton, synthetic, fleece, acrylic, polyester, and other woven fabrics. The most important characteristic of a blanket is its weight – most blankets produced today are thin and lightweight. The variety of blankets is big, and customers can choose material, color, and size.

The main distinguishing feature between quilts and blankets is the method of production. A quilt cover is a three-layer quilted coverlid, and a blanket is a woven coverlet.

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