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What to do when your home for sale needs renovation or is lacking in amenities

home improvementBefore you even think of upgrading or renovating your house for sale, think whether it is really required. It really depends upon the type of renovations you are contemplating. The bottom line is to go in for upgradation or renovation only if it assists the sale of your house, otherwise it is a waste of both time and money.

If you still want to go ahead with renovating the house, do it wisely. The upgrading will basically depend on your budget, but you will need to make your house look attractive to the prospective buyers. First and foremost, the most essential thing is fresh paint your house to brighten it up and make it look new. Other things may include updating fixtures and fitments in your house, such as replacing old light fixtures, window curtains, worn out or broken tiles, etc.

Tips to boost the value of your home

If you have the budget, increase the value of your home by updating the amenities within and around your home and much else. Let’s see what these are:

#1 Fit your description to buyer’s needs

If you cater to the needs of your prospective buyers, they will certainly become interested in your property. So, to appeal to them, think like a buyer. You can highlight the aspects, such as how convenient the location of your home is for commuters (five-minute drive to the local station), remodeled bathrooms, stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, etc. All emphasizing ‘ready to move in’ aspect of your home. A good example is Winston Tower listing which explains features, amenities, photos, floor plan, and statistics to appeal to the prospects.

#2 Make a checklist of updates

Move around your house and see what needs to be updated or renovated. The condition of the permanent fixtures of your house, including the roof, walls and flooring will indicate what needs to be done. Select the most important ones, prioritize them and carry out what fits in your budget. Don’t go overboard doing these updates; see what is most essential.

#3 Creatively paint the surroundings of your home

For any prospective buyer, in addition to a good house, surroundings matter. So, describe the surroundings in vivid details. Use your imagination to turn even the ordinary seem extraordinary! For example, describe the view of the garden as seen from your window as ‘refreshingly beautiful’, ‘sunshine frolicking on the dew laden turf’, ‘blooms of all hues infusing a medley of colors into the front yard’, etc. Not only this, also highlight the nearby amenities, such as shopping malls, grocery stores and the like.

However, don’t get carried away in your flowery description and paint a picture that is not substantiated with ground realities. Be truthful and realistic about what is on offer and what your home is really worth.

# 4 Remodeling the bathroom

The thing that will certainly add value to your house is remodeling the bathroom. Since, other than kitchen, it is the most important room of the house. It has been found that this important upgrade in your home and gets 90 percent or more return on investment. Remodeling any other part of the house gets only pennies.

For upgrading your bathroom, you can go in for new faucets, a separate shower and tub, a double sink, etc. This will certainly appeal to those who need to share the bathroom at the same time and up the value of your property.

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