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What is ketosis, keto, exogenous ketones, MCT, BHB and ketogenic diet?

healthcareLosing excess weight is a good way to avoid many major health issues such as diabetes, joint aches, and heart problems. There are several ways for you to shed excess body weight. However, not every method is suitable for all. If you have been in the world of fitness for quite some time, then you must have heard the terms ketones and ketosis from Ketones are basically chemicals that are released by your liver and ketosis is a normal metabolic process that your body does on a regular basis in order to remain functional. Ketosis is most of the time related to weight loss and diabetes.


As discussed above, ketosis is a natural process for your body to get proper energy in order to function daily tasks smoothly and effectively. Once you decrease your regular intake of carbs, your body shifts its attention to the stored fat in order to get its energy. It burns this stored fat in order to get energy and also produce ketones.

For a healthy person who follows a strict and balanced diet regularly, the body effectively controls the amount of fat burnt for energy. In such cases, the body does not use or even make ketones. However, if you cut down your intake of carbs drastically, your body will look for other sources of energy. This is where the stored fat comes into proper use. It burns more of this stored fat for energy and gives rise to the process of ketosis. The process of ketosis may also take place if you work out at the gym or at home for a long time or if you are pregnant.

If you have uncontrolled diabetes, the process of ketosis will simply signify that your body is not using insulin enough. It is good for you to know that ketosis can often to be dangerous once the amount of ketones in your body build up rapidly. Such high levels of ketones will result in dehydration and will also alter the chemical balance of your blood.

Ketogenic Diets

One of the best weight loss strategies is ketosis. In order to get rid of excess body weight and enter your old pair of jeans, you will have to follow the ketogenic diet, which comprises of the Atkins diet first and the Paleo diet later. These diet plans put some extra stress on proteins to provide the necessary fuel to your entire body. Apart from burning fat from your body, ketosis may also reduce your appetite and help you maintain muscles.

If you are a healthy person, who is not pregnant, the process of ketosis will normally set in after 3 or 4 days of starting a keto diet. You will have to have less than 50gms of carbs every day, which is approximately 3 slices of bread and a cup full of low-fat fruit yogurt or 2 small bananas. You may also opt for fasting in order to start ketosis. Children, suffering from epilepsy, may also be asked to follow a keto diet by their doctors.

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