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What is a birth injury?

Infants who are born with problems due to medical malpractice will generally need extensive medical investigations to determine the cause of trauma. In some cases, negligence in right diagnosis due to human error can cause to long-term issues in children. Prevention of birth trauma and right testing of premature infants for possible conditions is the liability of the pediatric and obstetrician specialist. Failure in these precautionary measures can lead to reduced standard of life for an infant and sometimes need long-term treatments.

Infants lack the capability to diagnose themselves or communicate any abnormalities and need the help of a trained expert to detect these symptoms. While there have been many advancements for process used in the birthing process, the main problem that is relevant for most cases of birth trauma is the situations that could have been prevented if right care was presented by the doctor. Physicians are trained for years to identify symptoms in mothers and infants that would need specialized procedure. Rejecting these symptoms of failing to notice them is the negligent of the doctor and can have serious ramifications for the health of the child.

The weak nature of the health of premature infant can have many hidden risks that need routine testing to catch the development of serious situations. A general affliction for premature babies is retinopathy and can be treated in most cases to stop blindness. Clinical errors that stop detection or half truths  presented by the pediatrician causing this situation to advance are the fault of the health care provider. Similar situations are general in infants that need routine testing are sometimes misused due to human mistakes.

Physical trauma is a general during births were procedures used were unsuitable for the positioning of the infant. In serious cases, physical birth trauma can lead to long-term issues to the central nervous system and bone system of an infant. These injuries do not heal rightly over time and can cause to disorders, like cerebral palsy and shoulder dystocia. When a delivery team fails to stop these ramifications from occurring through bad techniques, it is the liability of the parent to seen qualified legal help in means to get compensation for their infant.

Building a medical malpractice lawsuit with the help of Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer to prove that negligent behavior caused the birth fault of your infant is very vital.

These are some of the most general birth injuries:

  • The hospital could fail to notice an infection
  • The doctor delaying a decision, such as s-section is required or not, could endanger your unborn body.
  • Misuse of medical equipment, such as vacuum extractor or forceps, during the birthing procedure
  • Misreading the fetal monitor or error of the fetal heart rate monitor
  • An error could be made during your newborn sons circumcision surgery
  • Bad dose of drug or given drug at a bad time

These errors can lead serious, life-alerting injuries. Misuse of forceps could cause to nerve damage and paralysis in the shoulders, face, and arms.