We get that second day of Summer Extravaganza back: Yay …

waynesboroI read today that the Summer Extravaganza in Waynesboro is expanding to a two-day event, which, great news.

But it would be more accurate to frame the news as, it’s expanding back to being a two-day event.

I don’t have it pegged exactly, but I worked a couple of summers in college for the city parks and rec department, and made extra money parking cars at Extravaganza in the early 1990s when it was already a two-day event.

The two-day Extravaganza was a feature summer event through 2010.

The city scaled it back to a single day beginning in 2011, citing budget pressure that was actually more self-inflicted than anything.

Think: Frank Lucente, draining money from the budget, even as the city was committing millions to buy scrub brush from a local lawyer.

I had to look up how far back it was that it had been since Extravaganza was a two-day event.

Honestly, I’d thought it was a lot more recent that we’d gone from it being two days back to one.

Almost a decade. Wow.

But, hey, it’s back to two days.

It used to be Saturday and Sunday, and now it’s Friday and Saturday, so that’s different.

The fireworks show is always good.

I don’t necessarily like being sold that it’s being expanded, when what is really going on is that we’re just getting back what was taken away from us in the name of supposed fiscal responsibility by a group of politicos that were anything but.

Either way. More Extravaganza. Yay.

Column by Chris Graham


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