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Waynesboro Library presents Ty-Rone’s World

Waynesboro Public Library invites kids of all ages to enjoy comedian and ventriloquist, Uncle Ty-Rone on Saturday, July 14 at noon. Ty-Rone’s show of self-produced hip-hop music and clean comedy is high energy with lots of audience participation geared to youth and families. “I have a passion for children. They need guidance,” Ty-Rone says.

On stage with Ty-Rone will be Skool, Jelly-Bean, Raggz, and Ba-Be T-Rex. Together they offer children advice on family togetherness, reading and succeeding, eating right, caring for your community, educating yourself, putting your best on your test, and how to cope with bullies. Each character has an area of specialty that allows all of these lessons to be conveyed.

Skool connects with kids thorough his hip-hop image, which includes his unique style of dress and a way of communicating that kids relate to today. He has clear goals like getting good grades, going to college, and having a successful music career.

Jelly-Bean is a bright orange, adorable, rambunctious orangutan who encourages kids to get physically fit. He’s high energy and loves to charm the ladies.

Raggz is a talented Snoop Hound dog. He loves to sing, especially to his girlfriend Riches, does sound effects, and tells jokes. He’s a one of a kind dog and enjoys reading books especially since he found out the more you read the more you will succeed.

Ba-Be T-Rex is a baby Ty-Ronasaurus Rex. He doesn’t know how to read yet and is still in diapers. He gets into other characters’ belongings and is generally mischievous. In his interaction with Ba-Be T-Rex, Ty-Rone teaches children how to safely care for a younger sibling.

Uncle Ty-Rone is a masterful entertainer who says he is “trying to do something positive for communities.”  With the sincere drive to entertain and motivate audiences to succeed, he is a prime example of what can be accomplished when you challenge your imagination and turn your dreams into reality.

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