Virginia Beach and Newport News report voting machine calibration issues

virginia-newThe Virginia Department of Elections was notified this morning that both Virginia Beach and Newport News are experiencing technical difficulties with their AccuVote TSX Touch Screen voting machines.  Some voters reported having a different selection appear after making their choice.  These technical difficulties are being addressed by both localities’ teams of voting equipment technicians in conjunction with AccuVote vendors.

Based on discussions with local election officials, the issues appear related to touch screen calibration.  All voting machines are tested prior to each election, however some machines may need additional calibration after transportation to a precinct.  Localities have indicated that voting machines exhibiting any issues are immediately taken out of service until they can be checked by a technician.  Both localities have sufficient voting machines at each precinct for voting to continue without delay.

Touch screen voting machine voters have an opportunity to review their selections and make final edits on a summary screen before their ballot is cast.  If a machine does not reflect the voter’s choice, the voter should notify an officer of election prior to casting their ballot.

The Department of Elections will continue to monitor the situation and work with local election officials on a speedy resolution.


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