Use ‘em, or lose ‘em

AFPnewA client told me recently that he’d read somewhere that you shouldn’t overuse Facebook and email newsletters, at the risk of losing likes and contacts.

OK, I’ll give. Don’t overuse them. So what’s the point of having Facebook likes and email contacts, then, if you’re afraid to use them?

No question they can be overused, but what this client was doing was going in the extreme in the other direction, using Facebook once or twice a week and sending out one newsletter a week with barely anything resembling a call to action.

Polite is not the way to go in marketing and sales. I really cut my teeth in this in event marketing, which is highly pressurized, if only because of the absolute deadline. (Once the event date passes, you don’t have any product left to sell or repackage, so event tickets are a highly perishable good.)

Polite as you might want to be, you can’t rest until you’ve sold all the tickets.

If you accept that principle, then, how can you rest until your business is running at full hum?

Whatever principle you’re willing to accept, this one applies to us all: If you’re not willing to toot your own horn, nobody else is going to go out of their way to do it for you.

Chris Graham is the president and CEO of Augusta Free Press LLC, a full-service web-, graphic- and marketing-services firm based in Waynesboro, Va. Email him at More online at

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