Trump, the NFL, the anthem: How this plays out

donald trumpEvery single NFL player is on the sidelines for the anthem. President Trump, the Tweeter-in-Chief, still not impressed.

“Failing NFL still doesn’t get it. No hands on hearts during the anthem? Where do these sons of bitches get off! 15 Million a Year, you’d think they could show more patriotism! Sad!”

Every single NFL player is on the sidelines the next week, hands on hearts.

“Congratulations to the Pathetic NFL for finally getting its players to show respect for the military. Maybe next time, sing the words? Or do these overpaid losers even know the words? Unbelievable, these guys!”

The next week, every single NFL player is on the sidelines, hands on hearts, singing the anthem.

“As many people know, there is more than one verse to the national anthem. Why does the Awful NFL only play the one verse before games? Are they too important to show respect for our country? SAD!”

The next week, every single NFL player is on the sidelines, hands on hearts, singing all four verses of the anthem.

“You’d think some of these $15 Million a Year crybabies would know how to play the flute, some drums, to spice up their production of the anthem. It’s all about RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY. Failing NFL slobs. Sad! #MAGA.”

Players on the sidelines, singing all four verses, flutes, drums, keyboards, the whole nine yards.

“How about something more during the part about ‘rockets red glare?’ Or do you not care about America?”

Two players are injured trying to shoot off fireworks during the anthem on “Sunday Night Football.”

“Are they heroes because they blew their arms off? I prefer people who don’t blow their arms off. Not impressed.”

Thanksgiving Day games are canceled in lieu of an NFL-led hours-long rendition of the anthem featuring fireworks, an all-star player orchestra and a military parade.

“Nice touch with the military parade. Still a long way to go. Why hasn’t the NFL done anything to stop this RIGGED WITCH HUNT and the 17 ANGRY DEMOCRATS! Pathetic!”

Column by Chris Graham

augusta free press

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