Trump likely sticking to the script at State of the Union, according to Virginia Tech political expert

donald trumpThe robust U.S. economy will no doubt get headline treatment from President Trump at Tuesday’s State of the Union address, according to Virginia Tech political expert Karen Hult. 

“In much the same way he touted the pro-growth, pro-America message last week at the economic forum in Switzerland, Mr. Trump is coming back from Davos as a conquering hero,” said Hult, who has served as a contributing scholar providing briefing materials to the White House Counsel’s Office and the White House Office of the Staff Secretary for transitions dating to 2000. . 

“Still, he typically has taken a more sober approach on formal occasions, unlike his freewheeling campaign rallies,” said Hult, the chair of the political science department at Virginia Tech. “He tends to do these more set pieces by sticking with the scripting.”

“It’s easy to overstate how much difference it makes,” indicating that Tuesday’s speech will likely be overshadowed by Wednesday’s tweets, according to Hult.


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