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Top ways to safeguard your data online

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The ever-growing number of internet users brings unique risks, and safeguarding data online is the biggest challenge for all netizens. Cyber threats are rampant, which led the US Federal Government to set up a dedicated department for researching and developing technologies and framing policies to tackle the emerging threats in cyberspace.

It has become that much more difficult to keep sensitive data protected as people are increasingly making their personal information available online. Isn’t it worrying how you come across news on data breaches so often these days? Fortunately, you can protect your online identity and ensure the security of personal data using some very simple techniques.

Read on as we share with you some very handy techniques that’ll help protect you online.

1. Have a strong password

When you’re creating a password, give it some thought. There’s more to password creation than just fiddling with your date of birth. Yes, you’ve got to include figures and numbers that go beyond your birthday to make it difficult for cybercriminals to guess your password.

Keep changing the characters in your password regularly and do combine numbers, letters in both upper and lower cases, as well as symbols. Again, avoid using the same password for multiple sites. Create unique passwords for the various sites you visit regularly. We understand, keeping track of multiple passwords is a cumbersome task. For that much-needed help, use a password manager.

2. Keep your phone number private

If you’re into online dating or if you buy and sell items online a lot, avoid sharing your number with those you’ve only just come across. Use a burner phone app. It helps by creating unique new phone numbers every time you need one while hiding your details. You can keep your phone number private while still receiving and sending texts and photos. You may also make calls from your primary device while a unique number is displayed on the receiver’s handset. It’s smart technology at its smartest!

3. Check for encryption

Take some time to see whether a site is encrypted or not before you make any financial transactions. How do you know if a site is encrypted? Check the URL of the website. Do you see a lock symbol or an “S” after the HTTP? If you do, it indicates that you’re on a safe encrypted website. It means that no one can see any of the information sent to the owner of the website. Encryption ensures that your name, credit card number, address, phone number, and other sensitive information remain hidden and, therefore, protected.

4. Protection on public Wi-Fi

There may be occasions when you just have to use Wi-Fi hotspots meant for public use. At such times, you make yourself vulnerable, and the chances of falling prey to cybercriminals increase. You can use Atlas VPN to hide your personal information online. By using this tool, you have the connection between your device and the server encrypted. It helps hide your IP address keeping your surfing details obscure. By preventing your IP address from being tracked, you prevent yourself from being tracked by hackers, ISPs, or other online entities.

5. Opt for security suites

You can protect your computer from being infected and prevent your data from being stolen with security suites. These protect you by blocking malicious software like spyware or viruses and phishing scams that creep into your device when you are online. You may pick from some of the more popular security suites like Norton Anti Virus and McAfee. Considering the rising incidents of a data breach, you would do wise to install one of these security suites, many of which come free.

6. Turn on the web browser blacklisting feature

With this feature, you may fix criteria to decide which sites can be accessed from your device. While navigating, only secure and trusted sites can be visited. There are browsers with the blacklisting option that helps block sites you consider unsafe such as adult sites. The feature helps protect your security and that of your family as well.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of taking steps to ensure your online security. It only involves adopting the simple techniques mentioned above. All the methods suggested are easy to set up, and each one offers effective protection. With cybercrime on the rise, caution is the key. It would be unwise to ignore the perils of not being safe online. Take the time to consider our suggestions and be safe and secure.

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