Top tips to design a perfect industrial styled bathroom

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A bathroom that boasts industrial style is liked by everyone and allows an individual to have a bathing space where they can simply unwind and experience a spa-like feel. There has been a continuous upsurge in the trend of getting an industrial-styled bathroom designed for homeowners who can afford it.

Want to know how you can blend the modern trends and embrace a perfect industrial style bathroom? Read on to get acquainted with a few design ideas to create an industrial aura in the bathroom.

Go for a matte black finish

It is imperative to focus on the details while you stay focused on a particular kind of aesthetics. An industrial-styled bathing space calls for matching bath accessories and other staples of the bathroom to mark a high-end impression.

A matte black finish combo is the best-suited hue that you can pick up for a perfectly aligned industrial bathroom. Further, you can also consider using a brushed nickel palette to dot the bath accents for an industrial impression.

Accessorize it right

Once you are done with creating an industrial aura in the bathroom, you can further accentuate the looks of your bathroom by bringing in matching accessories. But ensure that you pick on a subtle look and neural shades for the same rather than going gaga over the bright color palette.

May it be the storage essentials, holders, hangers, lighting fixtures, candle holders, all such accessories should be such that it stands out as the epitome of plush and classiness.  Also, complete the looks with a sleek finish, introduce accessories that display elegance, and take the flag high with no-nonsense looks.

Soft and subtle graphics

When you design an industrial-style bathroom, you do not need to go bold with colors and patterns. Instead, you can take a turn towards black and white and patterned floor tiles.

Further, you can add a pinch of professional touch by adding a metal side table and installing metallic grid windows to complete the overall look of an industrial-style bathroom that does not interrupt the overall aesthetics of being posh.

Black bathtub

Going minimalistic with black and white is the hack to master the industrial style. Moving ahead with the patterns, floors, and walls, you can also get a black-colored bathtub to behave like the showstopper at one end that showcases all angles of elegance.

You can easily buy such bathtubs from Victoria Plum and place them near the metallic grid windows, add a few green plants beside it and get ready to flaunt a perfect bathroom that showcases a magnificent appeal.

Use decorative glass enclosures

A chic bathroom calls for glass shower doors and enclosures to complete the distinctive appearance of an industrial-style bathroom. They not only act as a high-end décor piece but also aids in maintaining privacy whilst adding a voguish touch to your contemporary washrooms.


Now, since you know a thing or two about designing an industrial bathroom, are you all set to try these ideas for your next project? Also, do you have any other ideas to make an industrial-style bathroom more stylish and glorious? Do let us know.

Story by Vic Tan

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