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Top 5 suggestions to buy caskets online

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These days you can buy almost anything online—including a final resting place for your loved ones. However, shopping for caskets online is not easy. There’s a lot to keep in mind while keeping your or your loved one’s wishes front and center.

One of the factors to consider is price. You want to give your family member or friend a beautiful casket, but you want to do so without spending an excessive amount. How does one do so? By turning to the world of online shopping.

There are thousands of online retailers that offer high-quality coffins direct from manufacturers. This means you’ll receive the casket that you want at the best price.

Here, we’ll walk you through five suggestions for buying caskets online.

1. Decide on a budget

Think about your budget before you start debating wooden caskets versus steel caskets. Knowing your limit from the start will prevent overspending or from making poor decisions. After all, this is a difficult time for you—deciding on a budget from the start will help narrow down the shopping process.

Consider these questions when forming your budget:

  • What would your loved one have wanted?
  • Is your budget practical, or are you overspending to express your grief for your dearly departed?
  • Is it something your loved one would want, or would they have preferred you not to spend so much?
  • Who will help with the funeral expenses, or will you be covering it yourself?

Perhaps the most significant budgeting advice when investing in a coffin that we can give is to be aware of price mark-ups. Some funeral homes can offer caskets up to $10,000, but you are not required to buy from them. Online retailers like Trusted Caskets make it simple to find similar options ranging from about $1000 to $2500.

2. Consider the pros and cons of purchasing caskets online

Shopping online for anything generally has its positives and negatives. The most practical solution to your current situation is to maintain objectivity and weigh the pros and cons.


  • Cost efficiency when compared to buying from a funeral home
  • Less sales pressure as you can shop conveniently from your own home
  • Less overwhelming to look at photos online than looking at physical coffins in person
  • More time to shop around and research without pushy tactics or upselling
  • Easier to include family members and take your time to get input on this significant decision


  • Factoring in shipping time and disposing of packing materials
  • Cannot see the casket in person before you order online

Please note that while it might involve more paperwork, legally, the funeral home cannot charge you extra for bringing your own casket.

3. Do you prefer a casket or a coffin?

These two words are often used interchangeably. The main difference comes down to design. A coffin is typically wider at the shoulder and taper towards the feet. Caskets are rectangular and typically have a top portion that opens for viewing the deceased at the funeral.

The second difference is the interior. Caskets will have a nicer finish and interior lined with comfortable interior materials, like velvet. It can also have personalized imagery. Coffins take a minimalist approach and are usually cheaper because of this simplicity.

4. Decide on the material: wood or metal?

You can find various materials for wooden caskets and metal caskets.

Generally, wood caskets consist of high-quality mahogany, cherry, oak, or walnut wood. They have excellent craftsmanship and a slightly higher price. These are good options for a dignified casket or if you want to cremate your loved one after a viewing.

Metal caskets can be gasket sealed to block out elements. Often, they are made from copper, bronze, or steel. The different metal types have different colors, so the difference lies in personal preference.

Steel caskets have a variety of colors, grades, styles, and finishes. Retailers selling caskets online should offer different gauges for metal options, which refers to the steel thickness and durability.

5. Determine the dimensions and weight capacity

How big of a casket will you need? The size will reflect the overall price. However, there is little wiggle room here, and understandably, you want to give your loved one a comfortable resting place.

Consider an oversized casket if your loved one was larger or taller than the average person. Several online retailers make and sell them.

The common exterior dimensions and weight capacities include:

  • Standard: 82.5″ L x 28″W x 23.5″ H

Online casket shopping tips

Whether you have committed to buying caskets online or are on the fence, here are some tips for successful shopping.

  • Ask questions and then ask more. You are making a critical decision, and online retailers should know that. Ask as many questions as you need to ensure you get the best product.
  • Wait it out. It is easy to feel pressured into making a quick choice, but you needn’t make this commitment unless you are 100% certain it is the right one. You do not want to experience anguish and regret while also trying to mourn.
  • Ask for help. Hopefully, you are not alone in your grief while planning the funeral. Instead of trying to make an overwhelming decision alone, ask a friend or family member for help. The best support may be an objective third party whose judgment isn’t clouded by grief. So, by call to well-known and reputable casket company like Trusted Caskets can be right decision. They can take on a supportive role as they assist you.

Bottom line

Even in a virtual setting, online casket retailers can support you. Making a permanent decision like this can feel like a crushing choice. Even if you are pre-planning, the prospect of burying oneself or a loved one is not easy to face. If you want to avoid the pressure of shopping from a limited pool of a funeral home, take the time to shop for caskets online. It can lessen the pressure, increase the options, and give you an affordable choice.

If you’re ready to invest in a casket for yourself or a loved one, consider retailers such as Trusted Caskets. Their selection of quality caskets online ensures a dignified last resting place for a reasonable price.