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Top 3 IT staff augmentation tips

What is IT staff augmentation? Why is it popular? What are the best tips to successfully and safely use IT staff augmentation services? If you’re asking these or similar questions then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and provide you with the top three IT staff augmentation tips.

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IT staff augmentation is a very popular term nowadays although not everyone understands what it implies. We hear of more and more companies resorting to IT staff augmentation instead of classic in-house development. They boast significant cost savings among many other benefits of this software development outsourcing model. But what exactly is IT staff augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation Definition

IT staff augmentation or team augmentation is a software development outsourcing model which implies remote employment of software developers and other specialists with the help of an IT staffing company which serves as their official employer. Usually, the developers work at the staffing company’s development center.

The most important advantages of this model are savings in operational and development costs, less paperwork and legal hassle, access to the needed and rare specialists. However, just understanding the key benefits of this model is not enough. It’s even more important to know the right tips for successfully using IT staff augmentation services.

How to Take Advantage of IT Staff Augmentation Services: Top 3 Tips

There are many nuances when it comes to IT staff augmentation. Those who have no experience with this model may face certain challenges and make many mistakes initially. However, if you know the right tips everything becomes much easier. Here are the key three tips you have to know to begin successfully using IT staff augmentation services:

  • Avoid upfront payments
  • Analyze macropolitical and macroeconomic risks
  • Ensure there are no hidden costs

Let’s analyze each of these tips in detail below.

Avoid Upfront Payments

Legit staff augmentation companies do not usually require upfront payments before you start cooperation. If a company requires upfront payments before they have found the right employees for your team, that’s almost surely a red sign. Therefore, by all means, avoid making any upfront payments before you sign a contract and your chosen staffing partner has begun building your dedicated software development team.

Analyze Macropolitical & Macroeconomic Risks

Most likely, you’re going to hire offshore developers. In this case, you have to be well familiar with the political and economic situation in their countries of residence. Some countries, although offering low rates and correspondingly cost savings, may not be politically stable and therefore, present risks for stable and smooth cooperation.

Another important factor is the ease of doing business. In some countries, software development companies may be subject to racketeering and corruption which once again may disrupt successful cooperation. Therefore, a careful analysis of the macroeconomic and political situations in the countries where your developers are located is vital.

Ensure There Are No Hidden Costs

In some cases, payment terms may not be that transparent and include hidden costs which clients are not aware of. Therefore, you want to carefully analyze the presented payment terms and ensure they are totally transparent and simple. The best pricing model includes a transparent monthly fee without any hidden costs.

How to Find the Best IT Staff Augmentation Company?

With so many companies on the market, finding the right IT staff augmentation partner may seem difficult. However, what if we told you that there is a trusted and recognized IT staff augmentation company with a proven track record which offers up to 60% in cost savings and access to over 160,000 qualified IT specialists throughout Eastern Europe?

Enter CyberCraft – a Ukrainian IT staff augmentation company whose clients include prominent Silicon Valley startups and global corporations. They’ve been successfully helping American and European companies build and manage dedicated development teams since 2012. Visit their website today – book a free consultation and get a detailed quote with rates & salaries for your project or company.

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