This is how Heart In Diamond’s cremation diamonds are changing the funeral industry

These days, more and more people are choosing cremation over burials more than ever. Because of this, the funeral and diamond industries are being reshaped to create new opportunities for cremation diamond companies such as Heart In Diamond. The funeral business, once a $20 billion industry, is experiencing hardships due to people who are opting for diamonds from cremated remains and eco-friendly internments.

After a cremation ceremony, there are a lot of options on how to remember your loved ones. Some families opt to remember their loved ones through memorial trees or just keep their ashes in urns. These days, another incredibly popular option is to convert them into diamonds.

Thanks to the advancement in technology and economic boom, traditional rituals have been moving on from old-fashioned to current trends. One of the well-known post-burial alternatives is turning the ashes of your loved ones into diamonds. Just like mined diamonds, cremation diamonds are made from heat and pressure. Plus, cremation diamonds include the carbon extracted from the ashes of a loved one.

Heart In Diamond is changing the way that people can commemorate their lives through memorial diamonds. We create diamonds from hair and ashes from human or pets as opposed to other lab-created diamond manufacturers who just create man-made diamonds.

Why are People Choosing Cremation and Cremation Diamonds?

Some of the reasons that people are choosing cremation and diamonds made from ashes are the prevalence of groundwater pollution and increasing cemetery population. rising prices of traditional cemetery burials, which include the prices of the coffin, the burial land, rent and maintenance, and the funeral ceremony, families just choose to spend their money in investing in a cremation diamond, for they can use it more wisely and even feel closer to their loved ones.

Grieving can be a difficult process, but you can honor your loved one’s life and legacy by creating a beautiful cremation diamond in their memory. Regardless if you lost a loved one or suffered a trauma, creating a memorial in the form of a beautiful diamond can be helpful in the grief healing process.

What are Cremation Diamonds?

Cremation diamonds are diamonds made from the carbon of hair or ashes. Compared to mined diamonds, cremation diamonds are made quickly and efficiently. Made from a loved one’s or pet’s hair, or cremation ashes, these authentic pieces serve as a sparkling reminder of lost loved ones or a special moment such as a wedding anniversary or birth. We are very different from other manufacturers who only create man-made diamonds. From the hair of a couple, we can create a fabulous diamond wedding ring. We can also create necklaces, rings, and earrings from the ashes of your beloved pet, so that you can remember them in a special way.

How Cremation Diamonds are Identical to Mined Diamonds

Over the past decades, cremation diamonds are becoming more and more popular. With the production of these mined diamonds, they are now becoming associated with diamonds. Because of their shared characteristics of diamonds, they are now growing in popularity and demand. With the help of the four C’s – color, carat, cut, and clarity – these cremation diamonds are now turned into jewelry, just like mined diamonds. They offer the same spectacular sparkle and shine, and can be worn as pendants, rings, and bracelets. Cremation diamonds can also be chosen while someone is still alive and allows them to be included in the process of how they want to be remembered. Death may be a difficult subject to deal with but allowing your loved one to choose their own cremation diamond gives them the power to choose how they will be remembered.

Mined diamonds are extracted through the process of mining. However, a memorial diamond is identical to a mined diamond chemically, visually, and physically. In the last 10 years or so, the science of creating high-quality diamonds using a man-made technique has been perfected.

The most popular choices for cremation diamond jewelry are earrings, necklaces, and rings. For necklaces, a pendant is a very popular choice because it is worn close to your heart, just as your loved one will always remain in yours. The setting can be premade or custom-made. Another type of jewelry that can be created from cremation diamonds are rings. Every time you see the ring, you can reminisce about the memories that you and your loved one have enjoyed. Couples can also create their diamond wedding rings from their very own hair.

Heart In Diamond cremation diamonds are changing lives by producing heirlooms that encourage families to share their memories, laughter, and love for a lifetime. Processing the death of a loved one takes people on a journey that they would normally avoid. Our cremation diamond jewelry makes the process a little bit easier and helps achieve the goal of remembering a loved one through special means.

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