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The ultimate guide to choose the apt fabric for your prom night

Choosing the right fabric for your prom dress is as essential as choosing the dress style. The appropriate fabric adds unique definition to one’s outfit. If your choice of fabric goes wrong, the entire look gets messed up. When it comes to a prom dress, you are spoilt for choices. You need something elegant, dreamy and ethereal.

JJ’s House is one of the top fashion stores online. They offer some of the latest and uniquely designed prom dresses for affordable costs. Some of their top-selling fabrics for gowns are:

Velvet: With its fuzzy texture, this soft pile fabric was traditionally made out of silk but now uses cotton and synthetic too. They come in alluring shades and look utterly fresh. It has a shimmering surface and is smooth. It is built to last and hold up for years.

Chiffon: This lightweight fabric leaves a wonderful impression. One reason it is considered desirable is because of its availability in large variety of shades. Its shimmer factor makes it all the more appealing. It gives a floating and elegant appearance.

Georgette: It has a dull-finish and crinkly surface. It is not as lustrous as chiffon. It has a movement on its own. Its crepe- like texture contributes to its bouncy look. The more layers it has, the more the flowing effect of the gown.

Tulle: This fabric has a lot of volume and has an airy look. It is available in a rainbow of colours. It has a transparent surface and looks stunning when layered using a myriad of colors. Its finish could be matte, glitter or metallic.

Crepe: It has a distinct crinkled surface. Since it is comfortable and light-weight it is in huge demand. Fine silk crepe fabric has a natural sheen and has a lustrous look.

Satin: It is sleek and glossy. It has a delicate fluid like drape. They are wrinkle-resistant. Its shiny surface adds to the depth and drama. It usually has a matte finish at the back. Its supportive fabric works with almost all body types.

Organza: With an outstanding drape, it is excellent to create dresses with volume. Though it has a sheer look, it is durable fabric. It tends to crease which can be fixed by ironing. It works perfect for dresses with structured silhouette.

Dressing according to your body type:

  • Rectangular body type: The skinny women who have a straight structure should avoid wearing body-hugging fabrics which make you look thinner. Choose a fabric that is frilly and adds some volume like satin and silk
  • Hour-glass body type: Choose fabrics that show off your gorgeous curves. Stay away from baggy fabrics like satin and georgette and instead opt for body-hugging fabrics.
  • Pear-shaped body type: For women with more fat below their waistline, focus on highlighting your upper body. Choose flowy fabrics that don’t cling to your waist.
  • Apple-shaped body type: Women with heavier breasts and slimmer waist should stay away from clinging fabrics and choose flowy fabrics that are fuller near the waist area.
  • Inverted triangle body shape: With well-toned shoulders and fuller breasts and narrow waist, flowy fabrics like chiffon and georgette suit them well. They can incorporate silk for their bottom outfits and stay away from stretchable fabrics.

Nothing screams confidence than a woman embracing her curves and walking in with stride. Make your prom night more memorable by choosing the right fabric that accentuates your beauty.

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