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The secret gateways of Greece

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Tourists adore Greece’s extensive coastline, beautiful architecture, and history. As such, it’s always an attractive destination for wanderlust travellers to embark on their travels.

While there are various popular parts of Greece, such as Athens and Rhodes, offering a vibrant environment for holidaymakers to stay and. have fun. There’s another side to Greece where various hidden treasures, such as islands, villages, and coves, remain undiscovered by the masses.

To discover more about where they’re located and what to expect on arrival. See the guide below for more details.


In the southern area of the Cyclades, the magical island of Folegandros sits almost untouched by tourists, next to neighbouring Santorini. While Folengandros is equally as enchanting as Santorini and has a selection of fantastic beaches, this part of Greece is a fraction of the cost.

For a Catamaran Charter Greece and the Folegngadros are a haven peppered with hidden coves waiting for explorers to find them. But, perhaps the most mesmerizing spot of all on this Greek island is the Hora, a charming hilltop village.


In the southwest of the Cyclades, the volcanic island of Milos offers visitors the opportunity to choose one or more of its 65 beaches to bask in the sunshine and take a dip in the ocean.

One of the main attractions of the island of Milos is the surreal formation of Sarakiniko beach, which features a moon-like appearance against a backdrop of the deep blue sea.


The petite and picture-perfect island of Kastellorizo is just 2km from the Turkish coast and features everything to love about Greece. Such as clear oceans and captivating, picturesque taverns and homes designed in pastel colours along the coast.


Holidaymakers can reach Lefkada, one of the Ionian islands, by car, by driving over the small bridge from the Greek mainland.

On arrival, tourists can expect some of Greece’s most glorious beaches and an array of welcoming villages flush with vibrant flowers.

For thrillseekers, Vassili is a must-visit destination on the island for water sports!


Situated in the heart of Greece, Evia is the second-largest island yet, has barely been explored by tourists. So, keep this gem of an island to yourselves!

For immense beauty, Evia presents mountains with thick forestry, a beach to suit every tourist’s desire, be it shingle, pebble, or sand, and a selection of waterfalls to explore too.


Protected from tourism, Andros is second in line to the Cyclades largest island and a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors, particularly waterfalls, springs, streams, dense forests, and stoney trails.

Moreover, there are 70 beaches in Andros, thus an excellent destination for sun worshippers and sea lovers.


Another Greek Island that remains largely undiscovered by tourists is Ithaka. From exquisite seafood available at traditional taverns to treks on the island’s paths and strolls along the Vathys Promenade. Beyond Ithacas prominence as a mythical island, it offers a laid-back atmosphere excellent for those in need of respite from everyday life.


Visit the cinematic island of Zakynthos to fulfil your need for otherworldly scenery and see the world’s most famous shipwreck.

The wayward boat is situated on Navagio Beach, also known as shipwreck beach. The beach was blessed with a new name once it the shipwreck was washed ashore in the eighties.

For the best view of the shipwreck, it’s recommended visitors use the steps to head to the viewing platform on the edge of the cliff. However, keep in mind the platform is only big enough for a few people at a time. So to make the most of this experience, it may be best to arrive at the beach early in the morning.


Numerous spectacular beaches, some of which are secluded and perfect for travellers seeking privacy, are available to visit on the island of Lesvos.

In addition, there’s an array of delightful fishing villages to discover and explore, such as Plomari, Skala Sikaminias, and Molyvos, all of which have maintained a traditional aesthetic.

Some of the top attractions on the island worth a visit include the Petrified Forest, the Roman Aqueduct, and the Castles of Mytilene.


Epirus remains one of Greece’s least frequented areas; This is mainly due to its inaccessibility. Epirus is layered with dense woodland, clifftop monasteries, and spectacular mountain lakes, which provide travellers with a unique viewpoint of Greece.

Holidays away to destinations off the beaten track can present us with surprise locations and experiences that we’ll cherish forever.

Moreover, many Greek islands that have not been heavily mediated or marketed by travel companies are often quieter, too. Which is ideal for those wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle of overcrowded towns and cities in Greece. And take in their surroundings abroad at a pace that suits them.

Look for chances to take the less-travelled roads. There are no wrong turns. – Susan Magsamen.

Story by Susan Smith

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