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The rise of military machines in civilian life

War often drives innovation through necessity. Many ideas, tools, and pieces of equipment we use and apply in everyday life have derived from times of war. The modern jet aircraft that we so easily hop on and off of were developed from planes that carried bombs to destroy cities. Now the same tool carries people to cities to visit, do business or simply have a good time. All over the world military equipment is now finding its place off the battlefield and in places

Military Marvels Repurposed

military police vehicle
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All over the world companies are making tools and equipment for the military. Generally, more robust and often better manufactured than something built primarily for the civilian world, these pieces of equipment are finding themselves in demand for non-military purposes. Israeli companies such as A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd have been at the forefront of creating and manufacturing equipment for military purposes. However, with the military market being somewhat restricted other markets are always being explored and creative CEOs such and Bentsur Joseph is seeing their equipment find surprising new homes.

From the Battlefield to the Civilian World

Armies, navies and air forces around the globe have been tasked with deploying some of the most advanced technologies of their age. In war, many challenges arise, and boffins of all kinds have had to come up with solutions. Nothing has changed today and as technology and equipment are proven on the battlefields so bright sparks are applying their minds to meet civilian challenges of all kinds. From safety to simply doing things better, many pieces of equipment we see around us were initially used by the military.

Keeping us safe

There are generally two directions that military equipment takes in its development, to attack or to protect. In civilian life, there is very little need to attack people but there are a growing and constant need to protect people. Many of the facts of war are very present in general society and battlefield equipment is often easily repurposed for the same or similar job away from a warzone. Take firefighting for example, in war fire is as common and still as dangerous as in civilian life. The military has to retain the same priorities around fires as in the outside world and putting out fires, saving lives and keeping the lives of those fighting the fire safety is top of mind. The precision associated with the military creates outstanding procedures and equipment that modern fire services all over the word apply.

Building a better world

Many of us take earthworks and construction for granted. We see excavators, men with tools and work being done but don’t often realize that war and even terrorism have all had a positive role in this. To repurpose inventions that have been the result of being commissioned to help the military we have construction equipment that saves time, saves money and keeps workman safe. The everyday tank tracks we see on excavators came about in the first and second world war and today they are seen in more areas of life that was at first imagined. Equipment designed for counterterrorism operations to save lives is now being used to build tunnels for drainage or even transportation. War does change the future history of the world and the innovation of man from trying to win wars has continuously made our world much better.

Food for thought

The next time you see and fire or when you see a road being constructed look carefully. While war is never a nice thing it does nonetheless bring us many of the things that save lives and make life easier for many people.

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