The death of the Ford Sedan? Why discontinued vehicles may boost the used car market

ford sedanAmerican car manufacturer Ford is changing its business model. With SUVs becoming increasingly popular as multi-purpose and family cars, demand for the classic Sedan is falling. This month, reports that Ford is preparing to exit the Sedan business in the U.S. circulated. This represents a significant shift for a car manufacturer whose business has historically capitalized on a buoyant Sedan market.

However, times have changed. SUVs are becoming particularly popular because they offer owners the power and space of a Sedan, with the additional flexibility and practicality of a 4×4.

Whilst many will mourn the loss of this automotive icon, business is business, and Ford appear to be making a smart and timely move here.

Changing Lanes: What is Happening to the Modern Car Market?

In an age where efficiency and practicality are central to the design of modern cars, some people see Sedans as dated and clunky; others like the idea of owning a Sedan, but circumstances dictate otherwise. It is becoming difficult for the Sedan to hold its own in an increasingly competitive and saturated car market. Cross-over cars are being designed by manufacturers to capture larger proportions of the market. Hybrids and electric cars are becoming more affordable options for people, and demand for these cars is increasing in line with environmental awareness. Meanwhile, city cars, subcompacts, 4x4s and MPVS continue to see strong sales.

The Death of the Ford Sedan?

Does all this spell the end for the Ford Sedan? Well, not quite. Whilst there is every indication that Ford will ultimately completely withdraw production of the Sedan, there is a sense that a demand for this car will continue for years to come. Why is this likely?

Many people still appreciate the classic American appeal, style and shape of the Sedan. A growing number feel that where modern car designs have made gains in the popularity and practicality stakes, they have also lost a little soul. And in an age of slick, flash (and often less-characterful) modernity, many crave a taste of old-fashioned shape and style.

Ford’s recent news is likely to raise both the profile and demand of the Sedan in the coming months.

This means now is a good time to purchase a quality second hand Ford. Prices will begin to increase in line with rising demand and falling future supply.

The days of the Ford Sedan may now be numbered, but Ford’s news may also spark a final encore for this classic car style.

What’s your favourite Ford Sedan?

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