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The best welding methods for your workshop

Owning a workshop requires some knowledge about the basics of welding. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the different types of welding, and where it should be applied. Most workshops employ the traditional welding methods, but for workshops that specialize in the creation of aluminum parts, the friction stir welding might be the best option. The friction stir welding method was first introduced in December 1991. It became widely used after the inventors demonstrated how it could help different industries which are manufacturing parts for the transportation sector, and it became a great investment for businesses operating in this sector.

Friction stir welding is a method used by welders to bond or join two materials without melting it. The heat is being generated by the friction that occurs between the tools that rotate in extreme speeds, which then softens the area where the material will be welded. The metals are bonded in an instant because of the combined work coming from the heat and the pressure, similar to how the dough is made by mixing the ingredients in a powerful container. Materials bonded through friction stir welding have higher weld strength, making it applicable for the construction of trains, ships, and airplanes.

Through the years, many industries have already shifted to friction stir welding, because it provides a tougher output which could not easily break. Its solid state nature has become the central focus on the discussions about its advantages over other types of welding, which include the traditional approach and the fusion welding method. Problems sometimes occur when the materials are being cooled down, and these are addressed through the methods proposed by friction stir welding. Cracking resulting from solidification and liquation does not occur in friction stir welding, making it more desirable as it only produces a low number of defects.

Workshop owners should be careful when applying friction stir welding to their projects. The welding method should be done properly to avoid any damage to the material. Workshop owners should learn about the right temperature in performing the friction stir welding method, and the right speed that should be applied when the welding begins. Workshop owners should also work with professional tools and companies like MegaStir, which is a leader in the industry. Amateur friction stir welding users could also learn a lot from engaging in free training sessions to those who wanted to know more about the welding procedure.

Buying a friction stir welding equipment for business is a great investment. There has been a lot of advantages recorded in using the friction stir welding method compared to the traditional method. One reason for choosing the friction stir welding in the workshop would be the good mechanical properties that it provides. Welders would also feel safer as the friction stir welding never emits any dangerous toxic gases that can be inhaled from a molten material, which is the primary result of the traditional method. Friction stir welding also requires no consumables, and for comparison, a small steel pin that undergoes the friction stir welding method could weld aluminum materials up 0.62 miles long. Newbies could also learn quickly how they could apply this new welding method because of its easy automation feature.

Business is also pointing out that they can make more money from using the friction stir welding because the welders would only require a short amount of time training as it is very easy to understand. For the more experienced ones, they are choosing the friction stir welding because of its simple operation, without requiring any particular position when holding the tool. The result of friction stir welding is also considered as a factor when choosing this type of welding procedure, as it creates a smoother surface on the welded area, making it look neat while increasing the strength of the bond. Another plus for friction stir welding would be its environment-friendly impact. Workshops all over the world should start shifting to friction stir welding because it provides more advantages than disadvantages.

According to experts, the future is promising for those who are in the welding industry, as new techniques are being developed that could change the way how welding is being performed. Friction stir welding is a product of innovative development, and people will always find a way to make this method more advanced.

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