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Most of us spend a lot, maybe even too much, of our lives at work. For some, this is the opportunity to develop professionally or pursue a meaningful passion. For others, work is more about making a paycheque whether you enjoy the work or not. Whether you enjoy your job or not, however, nobody should work in a place where workplace rights are not respected, and workplace lawyers are an occupational necessity.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, some countries are much better than others when it comes to workplace rights. If you are fortunate enough to work in these countries, then you enjoy many rights that others may not have access to. If you do not live in one of these countries, then you might consider relocating, if possible, to work in a more positive environment.

To separate the good from the bad, let’s look at some of the countries around the world that are known for their excellent workplace rights.


Germany is one of the best countries for workers’ rights because it ensures that its workers have a minimum wage of about ten euros per hour. The country also provides sufficient maternity and paternity leave benefits for new parents, thirteen weeks for mothers. However, Germany also offers a combined, between mothers and fathers, twenty-eight month leave for new parents. This ensures that new parents can spend ample time with their new children and contributes to a healthy work-life balance.


When it comes to mandatory holiday days, Finland leads the world with thirty days per year. This is in stark comparison with developed countries such as the United States who offer no mandatory holiday time for workers. It is generally well-known that Finland offers great parental leave benefits for its workers, up to four months for mothers and more than fifty days for fathers. Finland also remains a very union-friendly country and the power balance between companies and workers stays at a sustainable level.


Australia has recently received a top score for workplace equality in a major study. This score has been based on the existence of incentives for women to join the workforce and establishing legal protections to counter workplace inequalities. The country also has an extensive legal framework to protect workers from discrimination or unjust dismissal. Australia also leads the world in terms of its overtime premiums for workers who routinely burn the midnight oil.


Norway has many labour market characteristics that are a testament to its great workplace rights. The country has a low pay gap between men and women, for doing the same work. Women are also prominent in many key positions and have equal representation in these occupations. There are also ample benefits for maternity and paternity leave. Workers in Norway also report the highest life satisfaction score in the world.


Austria proudly has some of the least violations of workers’ rights on record. There are minimum salaries for many traditionally low-wage occupations. Of great benefit to the nation’s workforce, there are over forty paid holidays in the year to provide workers with much-needed time away from the office. The country also ensures that there are quotas for workers with disabilities that and these are rigorously adhered to.

Work In The Right Place For Workplace Rights

Based on the benefits and rights that workers enjoy in the countries that are outlined here, it is important to choose where you want to work wisely. If you are fortunate to live in these countries, then be glad that you are leading the world in terms of working in a positive environment.

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