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Supporting innovation through trade exhibition

The starting point of any trade exhibition is its exhibitors. Great exhibitors attract serious companies, and the more companies are attracted, the more exhibitors are interested in the event and the process goes on. Exhibitors have worked very hard to attract the very best in gaming, and this year, ICE London 2019 had 612 brands drawn from 66 nations.

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In the case of ICE London, no other exhibitions can come close to deliver this kind of quality which covers all of the gaming verticals. The single-topic answer to this, is innovation and lots of it. ICE London has a nice balance of well-known brands as well as bright, new businesses who might have their first appearance  at a trade exhibition.

About Trade Exhibition

The trade exhibition also represents the entire spectrum of gaming, and it can be international. Visitors travelled to London from 153 nations and it is considered an amazing statistic which also demonstrates the size of the gaming universe. ICE London connects with a huge audience and offers something for everyone. Event organisers approach things with an open mind, because they encourage creativity and banish complacency.

The ICE team also shows great loyalty to the brand and there is a culture of continuous improvement, where everyone is focused on the task of delivering a great show every year. Back to the statistics, when people look at ICE London in 2018, it attracted 33.000 visitors from 153 jurisdictions. To make that type of commitment, you have to be extremely serious about your business.

It is believed that the key drive to this commitment, the real attraction for gaming professionals is that when they come to ICE London, they will see the very best. They will see the smartest companies who show their latests products that harness the latest advances in technology. It is technology that keeps on revolutionising the market and the creative campaigns state that this is a genius industry and the best place to experience that spirit at ICE London.

At ICE London 2019 a new social responsibility has been launched and it was the key focus in 2019. Every year ICE London seems to choose a social theme which is the focus of that year. In 2018, ICE London had the focus on The Consumer Protection Zone, which was also available on the show floor. The Protection Zone served as a focal point for all interested parties, including regulators, research agencies, treatment organisations and commercial organisations. These will harness the power of technology in order to progress the social responsibility message.

The driver of all gaming verticals is the continuous advancement of technology. Gaming has been among the first industry sectors to embrace new technology and is among the most creative in the world, by employing talented individuals and the brightest minds. Many have observed that ICE London is a gaming technology show. Until recently, it was appropriate to make distinction between online and land-based, however the introduction of omni-channel has shifted the discussion.

Now, it is about creating and delivering content that meets the gaming entertainment needs in the digital age. In addition, ICE London also has exhibitors that develop content such as the recently released Rainbow Riches Megaways and widely popular Book of Ra for land-based gaming, as well as employing online games. In the end, is all about the content.

Last Words

For those who come for the first time at a trade exhibition show, it is extremely hard to see everything in a single day. Unless there is about a single meeting at a pre-arranged time. If it is possible, it is required to add another day in order to see more action. It is also advised to make a preparatory research. It is nice to use the website and/or mobile app too see who is exhibiting and where they are located. Exhibitions shows, such as ICE London can leave people physically and mentally exhausted, because it is a great and big show.

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