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Staunton schools maintain solid graduation rate

staunton city schoolsThe percentage of students graduating on-time at R. E. Lee High School in Staunton has increased significantly over the past several years.

The 2018 graduating cohort maintained a high benchmark for students graduating, as 89% of the 203 students who entered the ninth grade in the fall of 2014 earned a diploma within four years. This percentage is 12 points higher than the on-time graduation rate nine years ago.

The African American reporting group had a rate of 93%, and the economically disadvantaged reporting group had a rate of 94%, surpassing the overall rate and matching some of the highest graduation rates to date.

“Our goal in Staunton City Schools is preparing students for life – engaging them in the types of thinking and problem-solving that will allow them to be effective and productive citizens and life-long learners. Graduation is an important milestone in this preparation and for students’ success within the community. Staff at all levels celebrate the accomplishments of our recent graduates,” said SCS executive director of instruction, Stephanie Haskins.

Only students earning a diploma are included in the calculations for on-time graduation. Students who earn a GED, remain enrolled in school, or drop out are not included in the calculation.

Of the students included in the 2018 cohort:

  • 89% earned a Virginia-recognized diploma
  • 6% remain enrolled
  • 5% dropped out

Over half of the diplomas issued by Staunton City Schools were Advanced Studies diplomas.