Staunton on the lookout for vultures

With the change in colder weather, vultures have once again started roosting at various locations throughout the City of Staunton. While harmless to humans, the birds are a nuisance, create a mess, and may cause property damage.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services Division will be working in various areas of the city the week of Dec. 3 to try to relocate vultures away from their roosting areas.

Dispersal techniques, primarily pyrotechnics, may cause temporary local disturbances and noise. Some vultures will be killed and hung as effigies.  Effigies will only be used in roosting areas on City property and on private property with permission by the owner. Dispersal activities will be done late afternoon, just one hour prior to dark.

Effective dispersal of these roosts will benefit both residents and vultures in the long term.

Augusta Health Kris McMackin CPA
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