Spinal kinetics targets the cost of back pain and the financial impact of radiology services

Radiology services offer a instrumental part of many diagnostic procedures including those that result in back and neck pain.

Credit: Peshkova

The true costs of back pain depend, in part, to the health coverage or lack thereof of each individual or family.

Radiology Service Costs Are On The Rise

Radiology services including x-rays, ultrasound, CT and more are becoming more and more advanced and with new innovation come higher costs.

For most with health coverage, x-rays may only cost $50. But for those without coverage, they can cost $1,000 or more – averaging $350. Additional tests, should the original x-ray not determine the actual source, can cost $1,000-$3,000 or more. This is assuming that general x-rays are needed, not more advanced x-rays or radiology services, which can approach $20,000 or more. The average cost of an MRI alone is over $2,500 – almost double the average MRI cost in 2014.

These are prices for your patients. So why is this important?

Your patients want to get better. They want to know what is causing their pain and your ability to diagnose and treat their injury effectively can improve not only your rapport and standing as a healthcare professional, but also lead to more patients.

For every dollar spent on expensive tests that do not lead to an accurate diagnosis, your patient may be unable to spend on your services, getting a more effective treatment plan.

Using CRMA® – An Advanced Radiology Measurement System

CRMA® is a newer and more effective diagnosis method. Short for Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, it is an advanced technology that measures the exact, abnormal inter-segmental motion problems that result from a spinal ligament injury. Performed only by Spinal Kinetics’ board-certified medical radiologists, CRMA® offers a precise and easy to implement solution to all types of healthcare professionals. Because of it’s independent, third-party protocol, the results obtained are unbiased and thus much more reliable.

Aside from incredible accuracy, perhaps the most significant part of CRMA® is the cost, free for patients with coverage.

With CRMA, patients can know the exact source of pain and understand why your treatment will help. For those with chronic pain or those that have never understood exactly where their pain was coming from, CRMA can bring a great deal of relief – just in allowing a patient to truly understand what causes their pain.

Changing The Way We Look At Chronic Pain

The way we look at chronic pain in this country has changed. Millions are spent each year to treat it, and millions are suffering from it. Drugs only mask the problem, they can be necessary in the short term, but a true and more effective treatment has now emerged.

Take a few minutes to understand how we can all look towards a brighter future and create a better atmosphere for all of us.

Anyone that relies on the tremendous benefits that can be obtained by radiology will be affected. There are ramifications to the rising costs. Insurance costs rise, many without insurance find it much harder to get treatment and radiologists are being forced to raise prices to cope.

It’s time to do more for those suffering from pain. Let’s all make it easier to get along in life – free from debilitating pain. It is now possible.

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