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Lighting is important to enlighten the mood and the life of people. It is important to have good lighting in the office to enhance the productivity of workers at workplaces. There are a variety of options available for lights including the intensity, availability, and quality of the light. Choosing the right one will be profitable enough for you.

Lighting can influence not only your ability to see well but also your overall health and comfort level too. Sofary provides modern lightings at affordable prices. They have been working for years to make the lightings reach their customers directly from the manufacturers (without any interference of a middle man). They have a huge collection of chandeliers in different varieties and top quality at reasonable rates.

Here we help you with some guidelines to choose the best chandeliers for your office:

  1. Office lightings standard: There seem to be certain standards that are set for office lightings which make it easier for workers to perform well. This standard is set by the US Gen. Service Administration. It is important that an office needs around 500 lumens every square meter. Even a cubicle of around 6’to 6’requires around 35 watts of light bulbs. Amongst all the lightings the best one which is suitable for office space is fluorescent bulbs and ceiling fixtures.
  2. Health and productivity: Lightings are very important in an employee’s life to enhance their productivity and health. According to some scientific study, natural lightings are of utmost importance to influence an employee. It has been found that if they do not receive enough natural light, they tend to get more tired and also suffer from insomnia. So, if your office doesn’t get enough sunlight from the roof or the window, then it is better to use artificial lights which can give the same effect as the sunlight.
  3. Smart lightings: As much as daylight is important for your office, it is good to have office lights too. So, you can install daylight sensing control in your phone for using the daylight at the most. This control can help to turn on and off the office lights automatically by sensing the daylight. On the other hand, it is also helpful to minimize your office energy expenses.
  4. Placing your computers against lights: Computers need to be placed at the right place away from the contrasting light source like windows. It should never be placed under any line of sight directly. This is because computer screens that come in the presence of light can affect the eye of the reader and make it difficult for him to read. This might cause damage to the user’s eye causing fatigue, eye strain, and headache.
  5. Lightings for showing different zone areas: Various lightings are used for various zones in the office. For example, oversized pendant lights exactly above the table would define a conference room. Similarly, different spotlights are used in passageways which show people to walk through to different areas of the workplace.


Illumination is a key point for enhancing productivity in your office. Hence focus more on placing the right kind of lightings for your benefit.

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