Smart organic vegan meal replacement drink powder mix reviews

Are you tired of eating random meals as a vegan? If yes, you don’t have to worry about your diet because this article will discuss some of the best vegan meal replacement shakes. There are lots of replacement shakes with different mineral composition needed by the body to stay healthy; thus, one may need the brain of a nutritionist or physician to choose the best vegan meal replacement. Below are some of the best vegan meal replacement shakes brought to you by Brooke Schwartzel of

Garden Life Meal Replacement Vegan Shakes

vegan meal replacement shakes

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This is a popular vegan replacement shakes that has 20 grams of digestible protein on each serve and other essential nutrients in the right proportions; thus a good replacement shakes for Vegans.


  • It has a good protein percentage.
  • It has other vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
  • It is perfect for building muscles.


  • It is not allowed for international shipping.

Naturade VeganSmart Plant Based All-in-One Protein Shake

This is another protein replacement shake with 20grams of protein in each serve. Also, it is rich in other nutrients, soy free, and has zero trans fats. It has a sweet taste and smell; its taste and smell are some of the reasons why a lot of customers get attracted to the product.


  • Naturally sweetened and flavored
  • It is dairy free thus a good replacement shake for vegans
  • No trans fats and cholesterol


  • Some individuals have complained about the smell
  • It is not for international shipping

Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Plant Based Meal Replacement

This vegan replacement shake is obtained from processed cranberry proteins, chia seeds, and pea protein isolate. Gnarly nutrition vegan plant-based meal replacement lacks artificial colorings and flavors. Also, it is easily digestible, thus a perfect replacement shake for every age group. It is expensive compared to other replacement shakes.


  • It does not contain artificial coloring and flavors.
  • It has a good percentage of nutrients.
  • It is suitable for every age group.


  • It is expensive compared to other replacement shakes.
  • It is not for international shipping.

Complete Start Vegan Breakfast Replacement Shakes

Complete Start Vegan Breakfast Replacement Shakes is one of the top replacement shakes in the market that comes with good quantity protein and other nutrients. It is available in different flavors and can be taken more than one time in a day. Its daily consumption will provide the body with about 40% of the total fiber needed to carry out daily activities. It comes with non-GMO and 100% organic protein that make it a good meal replacement shake.


  • It has 100% organic proteins
  • It comes in different flavors
  • It may provide the body with 40% fiber needed for daily activities.


  • The texture may be discouraging for some reasons.
  • Not for international shipping

After discussing the various vegan meal replacement shakes, selecting any one of them will provide the body with needed nutrients in the right proportion if used accordingly.


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