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SIP trunk as communication technology of the future

According to the forecasts of the international analytical company Future Market Insights, the number of corporate users of IP-telephony and SIP-trunk services in the world will increase to 204.8 billion by 2020. The total income of operating companies in this market segment is expected to increase to $86.20 billion. Interestingly that the two statements have a direct correlation. And according to Infonetics, 45% of commercial companies in North America regularly use SIP channels today, and virtual PBX is used by such companies with the purpose to reduce the current communication costs. So let’s dig deeper into the question and try to investigate all the features and benefits of using SIP trunks.

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What Should You Know about SIP Trunks?

A SIP trunk is a virtual communication channel connecting the telecommunications operator platform (CPaaS) and client equipment. The solution allows you to connect an unlimited number of virtual and mobile numbers via a single SIP protocol. Thus, IP PBX or Softswitch can be used as client equipment. As an extra source of income, you can also arrange DID exchange to sell you did numbers and thus raise company financial health.

Unlike solutions based on analog or digital signal multiplexing (TDM) technologies, a SIP trunk eliminates the need for multi-pair physical cable lines connecting the operator’s equipment to the city’s PBX. A SIP trunk allows you to receive phone numbers located in different cities in one virtual channel, which significantly improves communication and operation methods within an organization.

SIP trunk technology allows you to:

  • Combine data, voice, and video into one common communication channel, eliminating the need for separate equipment for the type of communication. Obviously, this solution is much more profitable than any other alternatives available on the market today. In addition, it increases the level of consistency between multimedia services;
  • Make and receive internal and external calls; get access to the corporate address book from the desk and mobile phones; use e-mail and instant messaging – all these are available at a lower price compared to conventional communication systems;
  • A SIP trunk connection is made using the existing network infrastructure and doesn’t require any extra investments. The only prerequisite for creating a SIP trunk is a static IP address. In this case, the authorization in the operator’s system will occur at the prescribed IP address, without using a username and password pair.

Final Say!

Ease of use, costs optimization, latest technologies application – these are some of the features of VIP trunk technology. By establishing a single SIP channel, you reduce costs for communication tools without affecting its quality.

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