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Should my digital marketing agency focus on Bing SEO or Google SEO 

googleToday you often hear about the fight of the search engines, but more than anything you hear about Google dominating the search engine marketplace. This isn’t the only popular search engine though, as people still use sites like Bing (previously MSN), Yahoo, and even AOL. But we’re going to talk about the famous question that is commonly asked about when it comes to bringing SEO to your business website: “Should my digital marketing agency focus on Bing SEO or Google SEO?”

The Bing Difference

Bing still takes up about 20% of the search engine market share, and because of this paid search of the network continues to grow ever so slightly. This being said, Bing is starting to grasp attention and Microsoft gets more and more developed with their systems, devices, and more. The algorithms for Bing are quite similar to Google, but there are some differences. Google constantly updates its algorithms, which makes it somewhat difficult and a constant battle to stay at the top of a search result.

Bing is different though. They base their results on things like the top brands, which rank a lot higher similar to Google, but social networking is still a high key. Backlinks are just as important, but with Bing, they are actually just a little bit more important. And of course, you have quality of your website content and technical items which can take a toll on how you rank.

Google Domination?

With Google, you have to make sure that media websites revolve around your reputation to have your content be included in some of the top search results. The more relative content you have on a site like Facebook, the more “recognition” your own website will have if it has similar content. Bing has actually taken it a step further, because users can see if one of their social media friends has reviewed or collaborated to give a comment on a company’s website or business, which is something that Google hasn’t been able to do yet. That, and backlinks are important, but Google isn’t so excited about relying on those anymore, whereas Bing certainly does. The more back links a business has to their website, the more they are going to thrive in the search results.

What Technical Factors?

Technical issues are something that numerous search engines relate to, from 301 URL redirects, as well as 302’s, they crawl a little different. Google can easily distinguish the two different types of redirects, while Bing auto-interprets a 302 redirect as a 301. Other factors matter as well, such as colors of pages, custom content (like custom 404 pages, 500 pages, and more). Even content of your website, like page loading speeds, and images can affect your rankings on both search engines.


Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which one you want to optimize for, since both search engines are so similar. If you really want to turn heads, your best bet is still to optimize for Google according to, but you can easily use a few tricks that will be able to make your site optimized for both search engines to get ahead of the game.

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