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New to the world of digital marketing? Made the plans and goals of your company for the upcoming year, so you want to market your website? Does SEO and marketing your website seem a complex task to you?

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So much you have planned but don’t know where and how to start?

If all these confusions and questions are constantly bursting up your mind, then you’re not alone. After all who doesn’t want to be and stay on page one of Google. Then, now it’s a time for you to have a sigh of relief. Just relax and get ready to win over your competitors as we are providing you with a complete guide on how you can put your digital marketing plans and strategies into action.

Understanding your competitors:

The first and foremost thing that will make you stand ahead of others or it is better to say that the base on which all your strategies will rely is to have a competitive analysis. Analyse your competitors, analyse their strategies, and understand what is making them always stay ahead and what is different about them.

After having a research about them, analyse yourself. Analyse where you stand in the competition. According to the strategies adopted by the competitors, know and analyse your focus areas. Based on your competitors, make your own strategies. Identification of different aspects of your company as well as your competitors leads you to the adoption of the best strategy. I’ll not say a perfect strategy because it is not possible that each and every single activity works according to the plan. Strategies never remain the same throughout its implementation. They need to be modified according to prevailing situations and circumstances.

Understanding your customers:

Try to identify what your customers are searching for and what are their needs. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand their prospects. You can never succeed if you are not able to identify what your prospects are looking for. Just think if you are able to serve what your customers or prospects want, you’ll automatically be better than others. If your website provides data and content that others want, your website will automatically be promoted.

In order to identify the popular searches, just search for your keywords and questions by the prospects, Google will show you a number of related searches. Accordingly, you can update the content on your website to make it more searchable. Your content should answer each and every question regarding your product or service that can strike the mind of the consumer.

Have a look at your website:

Go through your website and check there are accurate images, titles, description etc. that clearly describes the content you wish to deliver. Is your content such that it encourages a greater number of clicks? All these factors affect your ranking in the search results of Google.

Understanding your website: Security, Speed, and mobile-friendliness:

You have now updated the data and content of your website. Next thing you need to do is to understand your website on the basis of its safety and security, the time taken by the website to load and make sure that it is mobile friendly.

  • Security:
    In 2017, Google began to label websites red/grey or green on the basis if they are secured or unsecured. Who would like to click on the websites marked as “unsecured” by Google and have a bright red label near the search bar? Nobody would do that. So, it is important for you to make sure that your website is safe and secure and not labelled as “unsecured” by Google.
  • Speed:
    The next most important thing you need to take care is that your website doesn’t take much time to load. More time your website takes to load, more you’ll lose your earnings. Most of the users click back and stops the searching process after 3 seconds of loading. Try to reduce your load time, you’ll see more views of your website and hence more earnings.
  • Mobile-friendliness:
    A majority of the population are now smartphone users. 2-3 years back what used to be restricted to desktop and PC’s is now taken over by mobile phones as it is more convenient to handle. It is thus very essential to make your website not only restricted to the desktop, but it should be mobile-friendly too.

Stay connected to your prospects:

The key strategy to a successful business is to keep in touch with your customers even after you have provided them with the desired product or service. Resolve their queries if they still have some and send your newsletters to them through e-mails after every short period.

Track your performance:

Keep a regular check on progress in your performance. Keep a track of your most valuable keywords and its rankings selected for your business. Keep a record of views on your website and time viewer spends on your page. Check on your mobile-bounce rate and speed score of your website monthly. Keeping an eye on all these factors will allow you to improve and become better than before.

Execute your plans, implement your strategies and enjoy your victory. All the best!

Article Written by Hari Babu from TechAriz

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