SAFe® in the present agile scenario and why it’s relevant

SAFe: An introduction

The Scaled Agile Framework® training helps develop skill sets that are in high demand across industries around the globe. It equips you to succeed in today’s genuinely disruptive business environment. In this course not only do you learn the core concepts and practices of SAFe® but also get training on the applications of the principles.

It teaches you to create value through Agile Release Trains (ARTs) at the organizational level. The other vital aspects of the course are related to creating and managing Agile teams, Lean-Agile mindset and coordinating overall large solutions.

Who should go for Scaled Agile Framework® training?

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The program is for all those who wish to learn and apply the Lean-Agile mindset and principles in various projects. With the knowledge from the training, you will learn to create and manage developments teams that are Lean and Agile. As coordinator of large projects, you along with your team will manage the timely execution of projects and assimilate the customer’s feedback successfully.  The course is ideal for

  •    Directors
  •    Team Leads
  •    Members
  •    Project Executives
  •    Chief Information Officers
  •    Product Managers
  •    Quality Assurance Team Leads and Members etc.

As understood by all organizations and practitioners alike, the SAFe® framework is the most productive of all. There is a gentle realization that SAFe® has more benefits than Scrum. Learn the top 10 reasons why you should go for the Scaled Agile Framework® course.

  1.    Financial Benefits for you

One of the most persuasive motives that should push you for this course is the hike in salary that you can expect after completing this course successfully.  Various surveys and their findings suggest that you stand to gain at least 25% to 30% with your credentials in comparison to those who are without this training.

  1.    A course recognized by all

SAFe certification commands huge recognition across all verticals, industries and organization. The global acceptance of this credential  will let you work anywhere and everywhere in the world.  It is valid everywhere and will give you land your dream job across the globe.

  1.    Be productive for your organization

These days organizations work in an extremely dynamic environment, and it is mandatory for the companies to change and align themselves as per the market requirements. The SAFe® framework is one methodology towards which most companies are migrating. With your training, you can prove to be an asset for your organization.

  1.    Become a sought after professional

Did you know that SAFe® professionals are high in demand simply due to the supply-demand equation? It means that with your certification, more companies will look forward to hiring you for your knowledge and skills. As a professional, it increases your market worth.

  1.    Value creation

With SAFe® training, you can implement various strategies of the Agile framework in your organization. Even in larger projects, you will ensure timely delivery as per the specifications provided by the customer. It aids in value creation not only for your organization but for your customer as well.

  1.    Manage Challenges with ease

Managing teams, timely deliveries and meeting our customer’s expectations is full of challenges. With your learning and knowledge from the SAFe® training, you can manage all complexities with ease. The SAFe® methodology is simple and straightforward, and it will let you stay on top in all circumstances.

  1.    Improved decision making

Your one professional trait that will shine bright for others to notice is your decision-making ability. Your competent and timely decisions will enhance productivity and will not let any unexpected situation emerge. It is vital for any organization as any decision-delayed means an economic loss in the long term. There will be a drastic improvement in your business forecasting abilities as well.

  1.    Utilize the Lean-Agile Approach

In simple words, it means that you will learn to implement the theories and techniques based on the Lean-Agile Approach in your organization. It refers to adhering to the beliefs and processes as per the Agile framework.  Equipped with your training, you will implement and execute this approach successfully.

  1.    Stay in alignment with the changing job scenario

Gone are the days when training and education had lesser preference than experience. These are the times when you as a professional need to learn and implement new concepts regularly. It will help you to maintain your value in your company and the employment market.

  1.    Take your profile on the fast lane

The certification will add a lot of value to your profile and immensely boosts your career prospects. One certification will let you shine in your career.

You should wait no further join SAFe® training today.

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