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Republican lawmaker: Trump ‘bullying’ will not work in Virginia

Billionaire Donald Trump blasted the Virginia Republican Party in a series of tweets on Sunday, expressing his upset over a required oath by March primary voters affirming their Republican-ness.

Loudoun Republican State Del. David Ramadan responded back in kind, calling Trump a “moron” in a tweet.

The backstory includes the important points that Ramadan is retiring from the General Assembly in January, and that he was briefly a state co-chair of the presidential campaign of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

How briefly? Ramadan was announced as part of Team Walker on Sept. 9; Walker suspended his campaign on Sept. 21.

Not surprisingly, Ramadan was attacked by Trump supporters on Twitter after his blast. One supporter, predictably, resorted to calling Ramadan a “terrorist.” Others were just as vile, if not more so.

This is what passes for discourse amongst the Trump set.

– Story by Chris Graham

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